How to do your own up do

In the last century or so, hair styles of all kinds have changed, evolved, and modernized. One in particular that has come a long way is the up-do. We are no longer inhibited by the fashion trends that gave us the bee hive style, or the very basic but elegant French twist. Today’s up-dos are more feminine and softer, or spiky and edgy. In fact, an up-do can be styled to fit nearly anyone’s taste and personality.

What exactly is an up-do?

Simple: it is basically any hair style that pulls all of the hair up. It is held by hair-ties, rubber bands, clips, bobby-pins, or barrettes. Some are quick and simple, some intricate and fancy.

The next question: How can you do your own up-do?

The following are instructions for two different, but easy styles.

What you will need:

1. A couple of hair-ties

2. A brush or comb

3. Bobby-pins or small clips (preferably the butterfly clips; the ones with the teeth)

4. Hair spray (optional)

5. Small curling iron (if you have naturally curly hair this isn’t really necessary)

6. A hand-held mirror (to see the back when you’re finished; this will help you make necessary adjustments)

The Basic Up-do

You will want to start with clean, dry hair. If you normally use mousse or other product, apply that before you dry your hair.

1. Curl all of your hair into ringlets (if ringlets aren’t your style, that’s ok; just curl your hair as you would normally)

2. Let the curls set for a few minutes. If you mess with them while they’re still warm, they’re more likely to go flat.

3. GENTLY pull all of your hair up into a basic pony-tail. Place it where ever you would like it to be; high on the crown of your head, or right in the center/back.

4. Take one curl/section at a time, arranging it carefully around the pony-tail so as to cover the hair-tie (the goal is to make it look like there’s not a pony-tail there at all). Secure pieces of hair with bobby-pins or clips. A good way to really hide the hair-tie and make the style look more detailed is to take strands/curls from the underside of the pony-tail, and pull them to the top and secure them, and curls/sections from one side and loosely wrap it to the opposite side. So remember- bottom-to-top, top-to-bottom, side-to-side.

5. If the style feels like it is sliding or too loose, simply slip a couple of bobby-pins into the center, right next to the hair-tie.

6. Spritz with hair spray (if you want), and check the end result in the mirror. Adjust as needed.

The Twisted Up-do

Again, start with clean, dry hair. However, this style might be easier to accomplish if you add a little gel or mousse before beginning.

1. Starting at the front and center of your head, take a section of hair between a half inch to an inch wide. If you wear bangs, be careful to leave them out.

2. Begin twisting the section towards the back of your head, picking up more hair (within the original width of the section) as you go.

3. End the twist just at the crown of your head; secure with bobby-pin (it may be best to use 2, one coming from each side), or a clip.

4. Start at the front again, with a section the same width as the first. Repeat process until you have 5-7 twists.

5. If you want to stop here, you can. What you will do next is curl the loose hair, pull into a pony-tail, and arrange the curls to hide the hair-tie (being careful not to pull the clips or bobby-pins out of the twists). Secure curls into place.

6. If you want to continue with twists all the way around your head, do so. Simply continue from the edge of your hair line toward the crown of your head.

7. Once all of the twists are in place, secure the loose hair in the center with a hair-tie. Long hair will look best curled; shorter hair can be curled or spiked (using gel and a hair dryer).

8. Spritz with hair spray (optional), and check the result in the mirror.

It may take a little practice before your up-do looks just the way you want it. But keep trying! The end result is worth it.