How to French Braid French Braid Updos Hair Styles

The most popular hairstyle the girls in my family loved me doing to their hair was the French braid. The French braid was a fancy, but yet casual up-do hairstyle that looked great and kept the hair out of the girl’s faces. The girls even loved it when they took their French braid out and it left their hair wavy looking for a cool new summer hairstyle. However, learning how to do a French braid up-do on hair can be a little bit tricky if you don’t have clear instructions, so I will give a step by step guide on how to do a French braid up-do with long hair.

Now the first things you need to know are that French braid up-dos are easier to do with damp shoulder length or longer hair and your hair must be some what even and not in to many layers. If the hair you are doing a French braid to is too soft, thin, or not damp enough the French braid up-do is not likely to stay in at all and fall out easily. So make sure the hair is damp by taking a spray bottle of water and spraying the hair down a bit and combed out before starting the French braid up-do. Once the hair is ready to do a French braid up-do, you will need a comb, your hands, a hair tie, bobby pins and maybe even some styling hair products on hand.

The second step for doing the French braid updo in hair is to take the top center section of hair at the top of the head and split it into three sections using your fingers and hands. You should now have one section of hair in one hand and two sections in another hand.

The third step would be to start the braid by taking the hand with the one section of hair and crossing it over the center section of hair in your other hand. Then by taking the hand that had two sections of hair in it and pulling the section of hair that is not in the center over the center into the other hand. Right now, you are simply doing the start of a normal braid. That is all. Sounds complicated but its not.

The forth step to doing the French braid up-do once you have the normal braid started in the center of the top of your head is to, add in sections of your hair from each side of your head into each sections that are not in the center and than by braiding them in just like your are braiding normally.

Step 5 is just repeating step four. Step 6 is taking your hair tie and tying off the end of the French braid with it.

Step 7 is simply taking the end of the French braid where you tied the hair tie into to hold the braid in and tuck it up under the French braid towards the head. After you have tucked the end of the braid up towards the head under the French braid, all you do is place some bobby pins into the braid area you tucked in towards the head to keep the French braid up-do in place.

Step 8 is simply spraying some hair spray onto the French braid up-do to keep it from coming lose and falling out and after you have yourself a French braid up-do.

Doing a French braid up-do is not as complicated as it sounds and it looks nice in any girl’s hair for a fancy or casual sports look. I will say the French braid up-do might take you a few times before getting it right, but practice makes perfect. I wish you all the best of luck trying to do a French braid up-do.