How to Gain Confidence

If winters the season to be jolly then the summer is the season to be covered up and blue for some folks. Why? Because when the sun comes out so do peoples bodies. If you feel insecure about your appearance then the summer is the time when you probably experience a dip in self esteem. Young lovelies with perfect looking figures adorn golden sands, while those people who don’t feel up to par don dark glasses and long, flowing beach robes. But perhaps it doesn’t have to be this way.

The one thing that stunners on the beach have that some of people are lacking is body confidence. ‘Of course they have confidence,’ I can hear you say, ‘they are gorgeous!’ But the point here is that one of the things which makes them so attractive is their absolute confidence.

Take a look at how people with body confidence move. It’s with freedom and without fear. You can spot a person with body image issues easily if you observe their actions too.

A person who’s self conscious about their image always has hiding certain features in mind. All of this body consciousness makes their actions unnatural. Peoples eyes follow the persons hands because their movements are odd. Conversations become stifled by their double think. Instead of being able to concentrate, their thoughts are taken up with how they may be judged.

The first step to getting over this is exposure. I do not mean that people with body issues should run around naked. I mean that they can benefit from discovering that if they show a tiny bit more flesh the world will not fall apart after-all. The sea will still rush to the shore, the sun will still rise in the morning, and people will still treat them the same way.

Once they find this out, their issues will become smaller. The knowledge that nothing bad will happen if they are seen as their real selves can be empowering and can help diminish fears about not being good enough.

All people equal in the looks department. You disagree? Possibly, but the truth is that what society has deemed to be impressive in appearance is just a man made illusion. It’s not written in any religious text or manual on life that we should all weigh a certain amount and that our eyebrows should be a certain distance apart!

Deep down most people know this too. They do not really think that people who fit into societies beautiful category are any better or worse as individuals than those who don’t. They are not automatically brighter or more talented. If they were then this would be more important to try to measure up to than looks.

Can you imagine how difficult it would be if peoples real talents and skills showed up as they sunbathed on the beach? Those who are beautiful or not may be intimidated to stroll boldly past a brilliant mathematician or an amazing artist, preferring instead to hide indoors where their lack of ability could not be spotted.

Does this seem far fetched and silly? It is no more daft than people with body image issues feeling that they have to cover up and hide.

There are plenty of ways that self conscious folk can fit in. They can enhance their features and dress in a particular way to help them look like societies idea of what is beautiful. However, the real issue here, is that if a person has low self esteem because they are constantly attempting to be like society seems to want them to be, then this isn’t the answer.

Self acceptance is the key to changing a persons feelings about their body image. Once people accept themselves they move more freely. They converse with ease and help other people who don’t fit into the production mold humans have lumbered themselves with.