How to get 360 Hair Waves

The approach to achieving the perfect 360 waves is quite simple, but often overlooked. A hairbrush and well logo designed can of grease isn’t always the trick in perfecting the 360 wave complex. One factor that is often overlooked, is a person’s hair texture/structure. What works for one won’t always work for another. The deciding factor in this case is experimentation. Don’t approach the store the next time your purchasing that can of grease thinking it’s all the same. Do your homework. These products that look the same don’t exactly contain the same ingredients. You may end up going through every companies product to finally decide what works best for your hair type. The second overlooked prospective when it comes to achieving those perfect 360 waves is direction.

How many times have you picked up a can of grease that stated no type of direction. I myself have been through numerous cans and companies. Finally I ended it with Wave Builder Spin’nWaves Wave Cream. This company not only provided a better product, but also provided direction. Who’s to say what one is supposed to know when it comes to gaining 360 waves without direction? You may have a general idea and you may have some waves upon the top of your head, but are they spinning?

As I stated, earlier what works for one may not work for another. What works for you, may not work for me. I can’t stress it enough how important experimentation is. I can’t tell you what product will work best for you, but I can tell you how waves can become. I’ve said it already and you get the idea, but I repeat experiment. What can work for you may not work for anyone else.

The basics are brush, brush, brush! Along with experimenting, brushing is its best friend. The more you brush the better. Without the grease brushing your hair into a desired pattern is already a benefit. Be careful to not overload your hair with too much grease. Too much grease can flatten your waves. I’ve learned a coin size of grease in the palm of your hand is the best trick. As you rub that coin size amount of grease evenly into your hair, damp your hair with a tiny bit of water (preferably warm) to moisten your hair. As your hair starts to get moistened, brush, brush, brush! Brush your hair into your desired wave pattern.

The most common wave pattern is the 360 pattern. This is one of the easiest, yet trickiest patterns. Most believe the way to achieve this pattern is to brush it like so. This trick doesn’t work for everyone. First and foremost you must train your hair into this pattern, by constantly brushing it in that direction. Not everyone’s hair grows into a 360 wave format, so brushing it into that pattern to achieve this style is important. The easy part about this pattern is the direction, from the middle of your head you just constantly brush towards the start of your hairline. You wont notice affects right away or even within a day, but within a couple of weeks and constant treatment, you will start to achieve your desired look. Last, but not least, as you treat your hair and comb it into its desired wave pattern, be sure to top it with a du rag.

Remember to do this each and every time you treat your hair. Your best bet will be to do this before you go to bed. Do not tie your du rag too tight to avoid a headache and flattened waves. With that said experiment, have fun and give that surfer the perfect waves!