How to get and keep Healthy Hair

Having healthy hair can make you look great. It can make you look younger and more vibrant. But getting healthy hair is a lot easier than maintaining it. This is because it is the day to day wear and tear that causes most damage to the hair. The heat styling, the pollution and the general treatment of hair.

To maintain your healthy hair you need to make some changes to your hair care routine.

Be careful when you are washing your hair. Wet hair is incredibly fragile and so when it is wet you need to be incredibly careful with it. You should always brush your hair before you wash it. Doing this will mean that the conditioner will be able to concentrate more deeply on penetrating the hair rather than working through the knots in it. It will also mean that you will not scrub or pull at the hair to try and get the knots out.

The water you use to wash you hair with should not be too warm. If it is then it will strip the hair of its natural oils and damage it. The heat will also damage the cuticle. Thoroughly wet your hair and gently massage the shampoo into your hair and scalp using your fingertips.

Rinse the shampoo from your hair by letting the water run down your hair. Do not move it too much or pull at it.

Once you have rinsed all of the shampoo then gently squeeze the hair to remove the excess water. Wrap your hair in a towel for a few moments to remove the rest of the water. Remove the towel and apply he conditioner but massaging it into your hair and working it through right to the ends. Leave it on for as long as possible to ensure that it can thoroughly penetrate the hair. Rinse the hair to remove it.

At least once a week you should try to use an intensive conditioner. This will help to replenish your hair and make it look shinier and healthier. Try to leave it on for at least half an hour.

Try to cut down on the use of heated appliances. These will cause a lot of damage to your hair. This includes blow dryers.

But if you must use heated appliances then you should always use a heat protection spray or serum. These are heat activated products that will protect your hair.

You should also protect your hair from the elements. Try to keep your hair covered up in the sun. This will minimise the damage caused by UV rays. Also, in the winter you should use an intensive conditioner to replenish any lost moisture.