How to get Rid of Smelly Feet

Having smelly feet is not a sign of a serious health issue unless you ask the person living with the foot odor. Luckily, those who suffer with excessive sweaty feet do have options to get rid of their smelly foot predicament. It’s only a matter of fighting the source of the odor – sweat. When the sweat glands excrete, your feet become an environment that is ripe for bacterial and fungal growth which in turn, leads to foot odor.

Your first line of defense is to prevent the sweating by changing the type of socks that you wear. While cotton is the fabric of choice, this fabric is also less absorbent. Opt for a synthetic sock that absorbs the moisture that promotes bacterial growth. Your shoe material is also important for preventing the feet from sweating. Natural materials such as leather are a much better choice over plastic footwear as natural materials allow heat to escape from inside the shoe. What may come as a surprise is that antiperspirants that we use every day for our underarms will also work wonders for sweaty feet. For minor cases of foot odor, an underarm deodorant spray can be applied to dry feet to help combat sweating and thus will fight the odor.

Smelly feet can also be associated with your diet. In some individuals, eating spicy foods can cause the feet to sweat. If this applies to you, you may need to wash your feet promptly after indulging on your favorite jalapeno flair. One food that can actually help with foot odor is tea. The tannic acid in the tea will help eliminate smelly feet. Simply boil a pot of tea leaves (do not add anything to the tea such as lemon, sugar, etc) and allow the tea to cool. Place the brewed tea in a container and soak your feet in the tea bath. The tea may stain your feet so you should wash your feet promptly with soap and water after the tea soak.

To combat foot odor, you may need to change your socks and shoes frequently throughout the day. For individuals with serious stinky feet, this may be your only course in preventing bacteria growth. Each time you change, dust your feet with an anti-fungus powder such as Tinactin. Do not apply these powders to sweaty-wet feet as the powder tends to cake on the foot. Inserts placed inside your shoes will also help fight foot odor and help prevent your shoes from becoming overly pungent. Opt for charcoal or cedar inserts as these will absorb the odor.

One of the most common and most effective over-the-counter foot odor fighters is Domeboro (manufactured by Bayer). Domeboro not only helps eliminate smelly feet but it can stop itching and will soothe irritated skin. This foot bath medication used twice weekly will work wonders for many foot irritations and help stop the odor emitting from your feet.

For severe foot sweating and odors, you may need to visit your doctor for a prescription. There are several available but are generally only prescribed for the worst cases. No one likes to remove their shoes and be faced with the embarrassment of smelly feet. If you are one of the many affected by foot odor, these simple home treatments should have your feet smelling pretty in no time.