How to get Sexy Hair

Whether women have long hair, mid length hair or short hair, the one thing they all want their hair to be sexy.

And because everybody’s hair is different, sexy can mean a lot of different things, but the one common factor of sexy hair is shine. Shiny hair denotes healthy hair and healthy hair is sexy.

To get shiny hair, they key is moisture, a good shampoo and conditioner are absolutely essential to healthy hair.

When you are shampooing your hair, try to be gentle and not agitate it too much because hair is at its most fragile when it is wet.

Massage shampoo only into the areas that need washing and let the water run down your hair instead of scrubbing at it with your fingers like many people do.

Gently pat your hair dry with a towel and then apply your conditioner, leave it for as long as you can before washing it off, this gives it a chance to really sink in.

Any hairdresser will tell you that you need to minimise the use of heat styling appliances, but if you must use them, you need to use a heat protection spray with them.

Always wait until your hair is about 70% dry before applying the heat protection, if your hair is too wet it will dilute the product and it won’t work as well.

If your hair doesn’t seem to have any kind of shine to it, then you can use a shine serum, just try not to use too much and don’t apply it to your roots or you will just end up looking greasy, not shiny!

Short hair.

Short hair can be incredibly sassy and funky, but it can also be very elegant, but whether its sassy or elegant, it’s all about attitude, and short hair has plenty of that!


Getting a choppy short style and spiking it in different directions is funky and sexy


Try smoothing your hair down and gently ruffling it with a texturising gum, this will stop it from looking plastered to your head, but it will still look chic.

Mid length hair

Mid length hair is notoriously difficult, it can get to that stage where it’s not long enough to put up, but not long enough to leave down!

Try getting large Velcro rollers to create forties style waves, these are elegant and sexy.

Or you could blow dry it straight with a vent brush, making sure you curl the ends under as you are drying. Finish with some hairspray on the ends to ensure that they stay curled under.

Long hair.

Long hair can be sexy, but it needs to be maintained well, make sure you have the ends trimmed regularly to help stop split ends.

Try using large rollers to create big waves in your hair, they are more subtle than curls and they require less styling and maintenance. Finish with a shine spray.

Curl your hair using straighteners, this produces a much more subtle look than curling irons do.