How to get your Skin Ready for the Summer Sun

Often what people forget when the sunshine threatens to start the summer is that skin gets a lot more exposure than in cooler months to harsh sunlight. In fact areas covered up during the winter months get their summer debut and need to be prepared for it. Therefore not only is it essential to protect it, but every woman wants that skin to look the best it can look. Getting the skin ready for the summer takes preparation and planning, though now is the time.

Removal of excess hair.

During the winter months, perhaps no one noticed those stray hairs, though the summer time means sleeveless tops, bare legs and certainly removal of excess hair in the bikini region. It is vital to plan this in advance, so that the skin can be ready for all that show off time on the beach. Using creams at home is simple enough for legs, armpits etc., but the delicate skin in the more private regions needs to be waxed.


The reason this is so important is because it makes all the dead cells from the winter months disappear, leaving the skin soft and ready for all those sun products. To begin the process, the first stage is to cleanse the skin, as this gives the exfoliation products a better chance to work. A nice warm bath opens the pores and allows you to leave the skin ready for the process of exfoliation or peeling of dead skin cells. The best products for this process are those which are salon tested rather than cheap products from the store. Look also for those which suit your skin type. While many women use these products on their face area, they forget that they are great for the legs as well, softening the skin to a super look.

To apply the exfoliator, put a small amount on your hand and work this into the skin in circular movements. It may feel a little sharp, but that’s because it is taking off the deadened layers of skin to leave your skin looking young and fresh. After you have done this, rinse the product off the skin thoroughly. An alternative for the leg area is an exfoliating glove which allows you to cover a larger area of the leg to smooth the skin evenly.


Skin gets dried out, and may need extra care in the way of moisturizers within the summer months. To get your skin in tip top condition is important because you will be using many sun tanning products on your skin, and starting out the summer with good skin is vital. Moisturizers can be in night cream format if you feel that you do not want to wear them for day use. These help the skin to gain the moisture they require during the summer months.

Treating greasy skin.

Similarly products exist to correct the balance of the skin to help get rid of areas which cause problems. Greasy areas of skin can impact the efficiency of sun tanning products, so it is vital to look after your skin. Try night creams for greasy skin but try also to use recommendations from salons, or at least to buy good quality products from known quality manufacturers. You may pay more, but the results may be less disappointing.

Preparation for self-tanning products.

The reason that shaving or hair removal is done prior to the summer is that self tanning products should not be applied just after these procedures. If it does, what happens is that patchy areas may be apparent where the razor has perhaps left marks, or the skin is too sensitive after using hair removal creams.

Using self-tanning products.

There are many on the market, although the liquid ones enable smooth rubbing in, in a circular motion and tend to be more even than sprays. If using these, bathe before you apply the product and always go by the manufacturer’s instructions. It is particularly relevant that you wash your hands after application to make sure that your hands and fingers do not get stained.

If using a spray, be aware of gravity. Used standing up, what tends to happen is that the spray will fall downwards even if in mist form, making the feet area darker than the rest of the body. If you can get this done by a professional that’s great, though many women cannot afford these procedures. Doing the self-tanning at home is possible, though make sure that you spray evenly, and that you have someone help you in a lying down position, to stop the chances of having bright yellow feet.

Protection levels of sun tanning creams and lotions.

Be aware of your skin sensitivity to the sunshine. Even if you use self tanning products often these have little or no protection from harmful UV rays. Read and see if yours does, since it is vital to protect your skin from harm. With the increase in skin cancer, many people are aware of the need, while others leave their fate to chance. Before going into bright sunlight, these creams need to be applied, not as a remedial treatment for burn, but to stop that burn happening in the first place. Talk to experienced shop assistants who know which factor is the most appropriate for your skin type.

The skin is important at any time of year, though preparation for the summer presents hazards that are not present during the cooler months. Take care of the skin you are in and get it ready so that you can look your best when the season of bikinis starts. It’s worth it and gives your skin a healthy glow which in turn tells people around you that you care about your body, and know how best to look after it.