How to Give a Foot Massage

Foot massage is a great way to end your hectic day as it is so calming that you’ll fall in love with this soon. It is the best way to relax before you hit the sack. Here is how you can give yourself a foot massage at home:

Choose a peaceful corner of your home where you can relax while massaging. You can do the massage with or without some lubricant such as lotion, cream or oil. A relaxing massage oil recipe goes here:

Take enough olive oil to be used for single treatment (depends on your need but I take usually 3 tablespoons). Add 5 drops of lavender essential oil and 1 drop each of chamomile, ylang-ylang and geranium essential oil. All these essential oils are known for their calming property and olive oil is used for softening the skin. Stir using your finger and get started.

Wash the feet thoroughly before starting. Cover the area where you’re going to place your feet first with a newspaper or butter paper and top with a thick towel. Now take some lotion or oil in your palm and rub them together vigorously to warm up. Follow these steps one by one for the both feet:

Step 1:

Take the foot in your hand and make long smooth stokes starting at the joint of foot all the way to the toes with your thumbs. Don’t press too hard but make sure to be firm. Now reverse the stroke movements from toes back to the joint again. Repeat this four more times and do the same for the other foot. This practice will simulate the blood circulation to the feet.

Step 2:

Take the foot again in your hands like you did in the first step. This time make more forcing strokes (just like for the top of the foot) to the bottom of the foot with all the four fingers. Repeat this for 5 times in total and then to the other foot likewise. This practice will release the strain from the feet.

Step 3:

Take the foot in one hand and with the other hand’s index finger and thumb hold the biggest toe. Now pull the toe outwards staring at the base to the top squeezing it a bit. Repeat this 5 times and continue with the other toes. Now do the same for the other foot’s toes. This practice releases the remaining stress from the feet and calms senses down.

Step 4:

Take the foot again in one hand and slide the other hand’s fingers between the toes starting from the top of toes to the base and then gently continuing to the top of foot. This is a great way to increase the circulation between the toes. Repeat for four more times and then continue to the other foot.

Step 5:

Place the foot on the toweled surface and place both your hands’ fingers to each of its sides. Now push firmly sliding along the sides of the foot starting at the ankle to the toes. Slide back with the same pressure. Repeat for 5 times and move to the other foot. This practice releases the tension from the feet muscles.

 Step 6:

Repeat Step 1 to end the massage.

Some tips:

1. Warm up the palms occasionally during massage.

2. If using lotion or cream, choose one that is designed either for feet, for massage or containing the natural ingredients and herbs like lavender, chamomile, mint etc.

3. Make sure that you absorb all the oil, lotion or cream to the skin for increased benefits.

4. Don’t wash the feet soon after massage and consider doing it before going to bed.

5. Wear socks to seal in the moisture and effect of the oil or lotion after massage.

Have a relaxing massage, happy massaging!