How to Give a Tattoo Gift

Are you looking to give a gift that’s out of the ordinary? Gifting a tattoo is a way to show someone that you embrace their personality, as well as a way to give them something that they’ll always remember.

There are a few steps you can take that can ensure that your gift of a tattoo will provide the best possible experience and result.

1. Research, Research, Research! Tattoos last a lifetime, and quality really counts when going under the needle. You really want to find the best tattoo parlor in the area. For a list of local and regional parlors, go to If there aren’t many parlors in the area where the gift recipient lives, look at additional shops within a reasonable travelling distance. The best way to find a terrific artist is to ask others who are inked. If you don’t know a lot of people who have tattoos, don’t be afraid to ask that guy in line in front of you where he got his fabulous art.

2. Decide on the right place. Once you have a few shops in mind, go inside and look around. Cleanliness is key! Make sure they’re opening new needles with clients, sanitizing equipment between appointments and that the store itself looks sanitary. Parlors will also have galleries of their work. Check out what they’ve done and look for sharp lines and good shading, as well as diversification in their work. If you will be choosing a parlor out of your area, then your best bet will be to find a website like that will provide you with reviews, and in some cases video, of regional tattoo parlors.

3. Purchase a gift certificate. If you’ve found a terrific parlor that you’re really comfortable with, purchase a gift certificate. Larger shops will have several artists, and you may be tempted to get a certificate from one artist in particular whose work you love. It’s a better idea to purchase with the option of getting work from any of their tattoo artists. Just because you love the pin-up work that artist #1 has done, this doesn’t mean that the gift recipient would want that. When you give them the gift certificate, you might include a note letting them know of a particular artist whose work you loved.

Tattoos aren’t for everyone. You should only think of giving a tattoo if you are sure that your friend would really want it, but if you put a little time and effort into finding the right fit, gifting a tattoo can result in one of the most memorable and best gifts a person will ever get.