How to keep your Feet Soft

Most individuals spend thousands of dollars on facial and body treatments, bust rarely pay much attention to their feet. Many people spend hours wearing uncomfortable high heels. Others try to squeeze theirs into shoes that do not fit well. Those who prefer sandals almost always forget about protecting their feet from the sun. In fact, most of us do not even realize how much abuse our feet get on a daily basis. On average feet absorb the shock of a lot of weight from the 9,000 steps we usually take each day. With so much torture it is logical that our feet are going to start feeling dry and looking rough with bunions, corns, and calluses. In order to improve the look and feel of your feet the main thing to keep in mind is the importance of exfoliation. The best way to exfoliate is with a pumice stone. To slough off calloused and leather like skin it is useful to wet feet first and use a moisturizing body wash to coat your feet before polishing with the pumice stone. Another excellent way to shed all that dead skin is by mixing a tiny amount of salicylic acid (the amount should be no bigger than a pencil eraser) with a foot lotion or Vaseline. I buy pure salicylic acid from a company that sells ingredients to make your own beauty products This company sells an amazing butter made from Shea butter and mixed with oils and mint. When you apply it to your feet you not only feel how soft it leaves your skin, but also the freshness from the mint. I use it daily. When you apply any cream, oil or lotion to your feet, you should really massage it well for a few minutes. It helps circulation while relaxing you. To soften your feet you can also try paraffin. You can buy it at any beauty supply shop. After dipping your feet in it, you let it dry until it gets dry. While you pamper your feet you may also clip your toenails paying attention to your toenails. You must not cut them too short or you might end up with hangnails. I you happen to have them never try to clip them at home. You risk getting an infection. Go to the podiatrist for that and also for callus removal. Your feet are very strong but delicate at the same time. never do to them something that could hurt them. Also It is important to keep in mind that applying a cream once every few days will not help much. It is imperative to follow a routine. You can even spread some Vaseline on your feet and put on a pair of cotton socks before going to sleep. When someone is going to have a foot operation, the doctor often recommends the use of this technique for softening the foot to be operated. Finally something very important: the use of sunblock. When barefoot or wearing sandals, you must protect your feet from the sun. It not only keeps the feet soft and supple, but also protects you from getting skin cancer. Many people carefully apply sunblock everywhere but their feet. This is very important to remember. If you follow these simple rules, you will have very soft beautiful feet.