How to keep your Hands Feeling Soft and Moisturized

Without a doubt, everyone wants soft hands. In some cultures, soft hands can symbolize wealth, since it is regarded that those who are not laborers are able to keep their hands silky soft. Many people assume that they can only get soft hands by using expensive products. This assumption is simply that. In fact, it is much easier for you to find home remedies and to use reasonably priced products that will deliver similar results.

– You can make your own hand conditioner. Just as you would use a hair conditioner to make your hair feel silky and smooth, so too can you use a conditioner to soften your hands. It is quite easy to make these conditioners, and only inexpensive materials are required. For example, place yogurt in a medium-sized bowl and allow your hands to soak for at least ten or twenty minutes. Wash your hands and pat them dry. Or, you can also use mayonnaise mixed with a little bit of lemon juice.

– Oils can effectively leave your hands feeling silky soft. Coconut oil is a great choice because it not only kills fungi, but it also moisturizes skin. Be sure that your coconut oil is a solid at room temperature. This will show you the high quality of the coconut oil. If it is discolored or liquid at room temperature, you should know that it is low quality and has probably been processed too much. Cold-pressed coconut oil is less processed and will look, feel, and smell better. You may use other oils such as olive, peanut, or flaxseed oil.

– Try to protect your hands from the elements, especially from dry air and very hot/very cold water. If you wash dishes quite often, use dishwashing gloves to prevent your hands from getting dry and cracked. Try to use dishwashing liquid that is gentle on the hands. Many organic or natural cleaning products are quite gentle on the body, and are worth a try even if some of them are pricey.

– Use moisturizers and lotions on a daily basis. Many people do not think about using lotion until their skin is actually very dry. You can prevent this by applying lotion liberally every hour or so, especially during the winter when the air is dry. For those living in dry climates all throughout the year, drinking enough water and applying enough lotion is important.

Soft and moisturized hands can be easily achieved once you begin a regular routine of using oils, moisturizing lotions, and protecting your hands from the harsh elements.