How to keep your Manicure looking Great

It is easier to get a manicure but the main problem comes when you want to maintain it for as long as possible. It is a quite a task to keep your manicure looking great for days after you get one. However to help you with manicure maintenance, we have listed a few points which if followed will make things easier for you.

Things Required:

For making your manicure look great, you require some basic things that are:

Clear Coat Polish The Nail Color Your Nails are painted in.

Steps to Keep Your Manicure Looking Great:

First you need to make sure that your manicure is properly dried. The layers on your finger nails require time to dry out and harden. It needs more time than the time spent in the salon. Give your finger nails time. Try to do all the chores before getting a manicure so as to keep it fresh days after you get it.
Do not take a shower the day you get a manicure. There are certain ingredients in the soap, shampoo and even water that will make your manicure get wet and soft and it can lead to smudging. Take a shower before you go for a manicure. Do not you any cloth to clean your hands that is hard or has fuzzies on it as they can get into your polish.
Keep the nail color that has been applied to your hands handy. Fix the chips right away with the same colored nail polish as to avoid further damage. Always purchase the same color of nail polish for touch ups. You can also take your own shade so that the beautician uses it instead when doing a manicure.
When getting a French manicure, get the white color of polish that matches with your toe color so as to use it for touch ups in the future.  French manicures require more maintenance as they use more of clear coat which is prone to cracking and drying.
Try to be careful with handling things like kitchen accessories; these cause major chipping. Always wear gloves when washing dishes to keep you manicure look fresh for a long period.
If you go for a swim, try to choose the poll that is chlorine free as it is a major threat to your manicure. Chlorine will eat away your manicure.
When the nail color starts to look crusty, apply 2 coats of your own coat polish. It will camaflouge the drying look greatly. It will give your polish a fresh look and will help avoid it from cracking and drying prematurely.
Moisture your hands, to maintain the fresh look of your hands that a manicure gives.