How to Maintain Hair Extensions

If you want to look trendy and stylish without investing a lot in your appearance, then a hair extension is a must for you! Be it a celebrity or a commoner, every human being on this planet is using hair extensions to enhance his/her looks. These extensions are so very popular because besides giving you a natural look, they also have a number of other benefits.

Honestly, your hair is damaged to some extent when you are getting these extensions attached or removed. However, your hair is damaged the most when you have hair extensions and you still do not bother to take proper care of your hair. In fact, your hair can be damaged for good because of your laziness and lack of proper maintenance.

If you are interested in making your hair extension last for at least six months, you should follow these tips thoroughly:

1) Use the recommended products:

When you go to your hair stylist to get the hair extensions attached, he/she will offer you a set of instruction which will play a major role in the maintenance of your hair. Therefore, it is essential that you follow them properly. Moreover, your stylist will also discuss with you some of the products which are specifically made for the type of the hair extension that you have chosen. For this reason, buying those products, as soon as possible, is important for the beauty of your hair.

2) Treat your hair well:

Wet hair can wreak havoc to your hair extensions. So, always make sure to thoroughly dry your hair before sleeping. This is so because, if you happen to sleep with your hair wet, your extensions might end up breaking. Actually, wet hair softens the bonds which cause harm to the hair extensions. For this reason, you should also not tie wet hair for more than several minutes as then your hair will take longer to dry. In addition to all this, shampoo and condition your hair with products which are made out of mild ingredients. Always remember to keep the attachment points of the extension away from the application of conditioner as this can also cause damage.

3) Keep your hair detangled:

Tangles are harmful for your hair extensions. You can easily lose your extensions if your natural hair usually tends to entangle with the hair extensions. Therefore, it is advised that you brush your hair, at least, twice a day to keep them tangle-free.