How to Maintain Healthy Hair

Healthy hair is attractive. It is soft, shiny and sexy and it is the envy of those that do not have it. But if you are lucky enough to have naturally healthy hair or you have achieved it. It can be very difficult to maintain.

The first thing that you need to do is make sure you protect your hair from the elements. This is something that not many people think about and so they go out in the blazing summer sun or the harsh winter weather without a second thought for their hair. You should always protect your hair from the summer sun. The suns harmful UV rays can cause damage to skin as well as hair. Try to keep your hair covered up in the sun. You can use a cool hat or a stylish scarf but your scalp must be covered up as well or the sun will burn that too.

The extremes of winter weather can be incredibly drying for hair. Try to keep your hair covered up under a warm hat. Also using a conditioner specifically designed for winter will replace some of the hairs much needed moisture.

Try to cut down on the use of heated appliances. These cause your hair a great deal of damage by burning them and drying them out. A good rule that many hairdressers use to maintain healthy hair  is “If you would not use it on your skin, do not use it on your hair” 

Let your hair dry naturally whenever you can This will give your hair a much needed break.

If you must use heated appliances then you should always use heat protection to go with them. These create a barrier between your hair and the heat and will protect it from the extremes of temperature. Always make sure your hair is totally dry before you straighten it. If it is not then any moisture that is left on your hair will literally boil when you put the straighteners on it and this will cause your hair a lot of damage.

Wet hair is incredibly fragile and so when you are washing it you need to be careful. Try to minimise the movement of the hair when it is wet. A good tip is to brush your hair before you wash it. This will help you to keep the movement of the wet hair to a minimum.

Use lukewarm water to wash your hair. Water that is too hot will strip the natural oils from the hair and damage the scalp.