How to Make Short Hair Sexy

Sexy Short Shorts and Short Sexy Hair, Just in TIme For Summer!

Just like we all love short shorts during the summer, rocking a short hair style is just as hot. Short hair is sassy, sexy, and says “I know who I am, I love my face, and I have more to offer this world than just my hair!”

Short hair offers a variety of hair stying options. This is especially true if you have the traditional bob or a-line hair cut. You can wear your hair down, or half up, curly or straight. One thing you need to beware of before cutting off your long locks though is this; short hairstyles work best on women with oval or longer shaped faces. Not always, but most of the time. Sometimes a short haircut can make a round face look very large. The best way to know is to try on different wigs before actually cutting off your hair. However, the bob tends to be a little different as it can be made to be a little longer and therefore could work quite nicely with round faces.

In order to have a great short hair style that you can make look gorgeous day or night, you need a professional salon cut. This is not something I would skimp on. You are not getting your ends trimmed. You are cutting off inches of hair. You need precision. This is not something I would reccomend doing at home. You don’t want to be sorry. Sure, you might be able to get the front, but if the back looks attrocious that will not go good for you, or make you feel good about you. A good short hair style requires layers. Let a professional deal with the layers.

Next, when it comes to styling short hair you need to make sure that you have the correct styling products. You can’t hide short hair in a pony tail so keeping your hair beautiful, shiny, and healthy is a must. You do not necessarily need to spend a ton of money on these products. I have found that Garnier makes a great line of leave in conditioner’s and a shine serum that is impossible to beat. My hair is never greasy and stays frizz free all day. Both of these go for around $3.00 a bottle. Shampoo and conditioner is a little different. I’m still a fan of the expensive stuff. I just believe there are too many chemicals in there to mess around with the cheaper stuff. I want light hair, not hair held down by buildup. Redkin is number one for me and my short hair.

Now a little about styling. With short hair you have some advantages you don’t have with long hair. It is easier to flat iron for a perfectly straight look. Head bands and hair accessories tend to look good even on older women,and if you want your hair to be curly, it only takes a minute to get a wild looking hot head of curls. The other great thing about short hair? If you want it long for a night, put in hair extensions! Just clip them in.It is easy to make short hair long, not so easy to make long hair short. That is major versatility, and fun! 

Also, contrary to popular belief, guys do not necessarily like long hair more than they like short hair. Yes, it may seem like they all say they do, but when it comes down to it, they would rather have a girl with beautiful, shiny short hair, then stringy, spilt , long hair. So if you are thinking about going for the cut, do it. Remember, it is just hair and variety is the spice of life. It will grow back and think of all the different things you can do with that!