How to Make your Hands Soft

The skin on one’s hands can take a real beating from chemical cleaners, exposure to the elements, harsh soaps, the type of work you do, and a plethora of other things. It is no surprise then, that the hands often end up dry, cracked, red, or itchy.

How To Make Your Hands Soft

1. To make your hands immediately softer:

Exfoliation and masque treatment: wash hands well, and then soak them in lukewarm water for 5 minutes (hot water is drying!). After the soak, exfoliate away dry skin by rubbing your hands gently for a few minutes in a mixture made of equal parts baking soda and white sugar. The water left on your hands from soaking them will naturally turn the mixture into a “gritty” paste. Rinse away the mixture with more lukewarm water, and pat hands dry with a soft clean towel.

Treat your hands next to a rich masque made of one small mashed banana, or mashed avocado, both rich in natural oils. Rub the mixture onto your hands, let sit for several minutes, and rinse away with cool water. Dry hands using method described above and then slather them with hand cream (not lotion) made especially for extra dry skin.

The above treatment to make your hands soft should be used 1-2 times a week.

How To Keep Your Hands Soft

1. Protect your hands from wear and tear, as well as the elements. Wear gloves suitable for each chore your perform, whether washing dishes or the car, cleaning around your home, working in the yard, or performing any job that is hard on the skin of the hands.

2. Year around, every day, use a rich hand lotion that is fragrance-free and contains a PABA-free sunscreen. Fragrance or PABA can be drying or irritating to the skin on your hands.

3. Each time you wash your hands, dry them well, but gently. Always apply your lotion or cream immediately afterwards.

4. Keep several containers of your favorite hand lotion or cream in supply. Put one by each sink in your home, one on your night stand, carry one in your purse or car, and keep one handy at your place of work.

5. Use a hand sanitizer that contains moisturizer.

6. Make an added effort to rub extra lotion into nail cuticles.

7. Liberally apply hand cream each night just before you go to sleep. To keep the skin of your hands even softer by making the lotion work better, don some soft cotton gloves after applying your hand cream. If you have no cotton gloves handy, a cotton sock placed over each hand will also do the trick.

How to make your hands soft, as with the rest of your skin, begins on the inside! Follow healthy eating habits, stay well hydrated, and get enough exercise. Do that, along with the rest of the tips suggested above, and soft hands can be yours for a lifetime.