How to Meet Women


If you’re looking for a potential new mate or just want to meet someone for a casual relationship, it’s not as difficult to meet women as you might think. There are plenty of places that you might not think of where you can meet women for meaningful relationships or friendships. If you have a computer, you can also use the Internet as a resource, because nowadays, people are increasingly using the Internet as a way to meet other people.

Step 1

Look your best at all times when you’re out in public. Remember that people often meet someone new when they’re not actively looking for them. Whether you’re in the grocery store or bookstore or going to church or work, keep a neat, groomed appearance, get regular haircuts, and perhaps even buy yourself some new clothes. When you look good, you’ll seem more confident and attractive to others. When the opportunity presents itself, you’ll feel more like approaching someone you find interesting if you look neat rather than sloppy.

Step 2

Use the Internet as a resource. Although many people feel cautious about meeting new people online, it’s become a popular method for meeting others. A 2009 study by the consumer group Which? states that one in five people who have used online dating sites have actually married a person they met using the Internet.

You’re not limited to dating websites. If you have an interest such as playing chess online or have a hobby where you can discuss and exchange ideas with others in an Internet forum, the chances of meeting someone with similar interests is much higher. Use caution, as there is always the chance of meeting someone who is not who he claims to be. Sites like can be helpful for finding a group in your neighborhood that interests you.

Step 3

Ask your friends if they know any single women, and ask for an introduction. Dating coach Rachel Greenwald, talking to The Frisky on, suggests that using your married friends as a resource can be a good way to meet other single women, if you’re not too shy to ask for the initial introduction. Tell trusted friends that you’re looking to meet someone new. You never know who your friends might know, and while there’s always the chance that it could be a disaster, it could also work out. You never know until you try. Work on your self-confidence and realize that there’s no shame in asking friends for an introduction.