How to Prevent Chapped Lips

Chapped lips can be a major problem in the winter time. They are painful and unsightly and, for those that are prone to them, can increase the chances of getting cold sores. Preventing the problem is not all that difficult and can save a lot of trouble and discomfort.

Keep Hydrated

The human body is comprised mostly of water. Having said that you may think that there are fluids to spare. However, water is integral to everything from how our brain functions to how our skin looks and feels. When the atmosphere around us becomes drier, the air seeks out moisture for where ever it can. It sucks it out of anything and anybody.

For proof, simply put out a glass of water on a nice cold day. Mark the water level and see how quickly the amount of water in the glass drops below the marker. No wonder that our skin becomes itchy and dry when the temperature dips below comfortable.

The air around you isn’t the only thing that steals moisture away from the skin. All of your internal organs depend on water to be able to function. With less to go around the body takes from the skin to maintain essential functions such as movement and thought. Even breathing and the beating of your heart are affected.

Increasing fluid intake will rehydrate all of your internal organs, as well as feed your skin. That’s why it is more effective than just slapping on some moisturizer or lip gloss. Slapping on an external layer over top of your lips will just temporarily lock in any existing moisture. Without replenishing what has been lost they will not be all that effective.

Get More Rest

Our lives are extremely hectic. So, it is often difficult to make time for sleep. However, aside from replacing lost moisture, getting enough sleep is the best way to allow skin to recover from a hard day’s work. When a person rests their heartbeat slows. Their organs are not working as hard and their skin is permitted to regain a bit of the elasticity it lost through all that talking and expression making. Being awake means stretching the face muscles even when seemingly doing nothing.

Avoid Alcohol, Caffeine, Salt and Sugar

Caffeinated beverages such as pop, coffee and tea may satisfy a craving and offer digesting assistance but, they do nothing for keeping moisture in the body. Salt and sugar are also huge culprits. Both love to drink up any moisture around them. Just put a drop of water on a pile of salt or sugar and see how quickly it disappears. To make sure that your skin is able to make the most of all those fluids you are drinking stay away from the things that want to steal it for themselves.

Avoid Vaseline

Petroleum based products have long since been a favorite ingredient of skin moisturizers. The instant relief experienced when using these products is deceiving. In actuality they do more to dry the skin than help repair and keep it strong and healthy looking. In fact, the best ingredients are all natural such as emu oil or beeswax. They lock in moisture without any adverse effects.

Never Moisturize Dry Skin

Applying moisturizer to dry skin may seem to provide temporary relief but, in actuality the cream will not absorb properly into the skin. The dry layer will act as a block against any helpful effects that it may offer. Always dampen the skin and pat dry before applying any sort of treatment. This will also help ensure that the skin is clean. You definitely don’t want to push dirt and germs further into your skin.

By addressing dryness from inside out, it is much easier to stay ahead of the problem. Cracked lips are just plain painful and can be avoided just by making sure to drink plenty of fluids and get plenty of rest.