How to Reduce Sugar Cravings


One hurdle that many people face when trying to control their weight is the inability to control sugar cravings. An occasional treat is usually no big deal, but when it turns into a compulsive need for sweets, it can be a problem. Too much sugar can be a contributing factor to many medical conditions, including heart disease, diabetes and depression. You can use several strategies in order to stave off your need for sugar.

Step 1

Eat smaller meals throughout the day. You may crave sweets because you are scheduling your meals too far apart. Instead, eat every 3 hours to keep your body satisfied. Your meals should be made up of lean proteins, vegetables and whole grains.

Step 2

Stabilize your blood sugar with protein sources. Low blood sugar may cause you to crave sugary treats. Instead, eat plenty of lean proteins, like eggs, nuts, beans and chicken, to keep blood sugar stable.

Step 3

Portion the amount of sweets that you eat. Instead of restricting sugar altogether, gradually reduce the amount that you consume. For instance, if you normally consume a cookie with lunch, cut the cookie in half.

Step 4

Adjust a low-calorie diet. Following a very low-calorie diet can cause the body’s blood sugar level to dip. If your diet recommends that you consume fewer than 1,000 calories a day, speak to your doctor about an alternative.

Step 5

Consume low-sugar carb items. Fruits are a good snack item since they taste sweet and have a low glycemic index. Replace white flour with whole-grain items, such as wheat bread, whole-wheat pasta and brown rice.

Step 6

Drink a lot of water, and avoid caffeine. Caffeinated beverages, such as soda, tea and coffee can cause your blood sugar to fluctuate.

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