How to Style Mid Length Hair

Mid length hair can be a real pain to style, there are days when it seems like it is too long to comfortably leave down and too short to put up. And when you put it up, it seems to take ages to do and falls out in a matter of minutes, the key to success with mid length hair is choosing the right style.

Half up half down

This is not the half up half down style you had when you were a child, these are sophisticated variations of this.

This look can be created in a matter of minutes and it works best on dirtier hair.

The first variation is to take a section of your hair from the back and gently twist it upwards and slide a crocodile clip through it to keep it in place. You can leave the ends free and twist or spike them (or simply leave them as they are) Or you can tuck them into the ends of the clip.

The second variation is to put the section of hair into a ponytail, take the ends of the ponytail and gently part the hair just above the ponytail band and put the ends through the gap and pull it gently down so that the hair is below the band again.

The third is a slightly more grown up 60s variation on the half up half down look, this style will take a little bit longer to create.

First, you need to gently backcomb the crown of your hair, then put the section of hair into the ponytail. Take a section from the ponytail and wrap it around the ponytail band so you can no longer see it and secure it with grips.

Take a section of the hair that has not been put up and sweep it across the front of your face to make bangs and secure with a hairgrip.

A messy bun

Messy buns can look incredibly chic, and a messy bun will take a matter of minutes to do!

Simply put your hair into a high ponytail and wrap it around to form the bun. Place another ponytail band around the bun to secure it and voila, a stylish look in no time at all!

Super straight

Mid length hair is the best style to show off straightness as it is usually in better condition than its longer counterparts.

Wash your hair and towel dry it until it is about 70% dry and then apply some heat protection serum.

Using a large bristled vent brush, blows dry your hair with the nozzle pointing downwards onto the hair shaft. Do this one section at a time until dry.

If your hair is still not completely straight, then apply some more heat protection serum and straighten it section by section. If you want super shine, you can add a touch of shine serum.