How to take better Care of your Skin

Winter is a harsh time for your skin; whether you’re a man or woman, when it gets cold outside, your skin is likely to start getting itchy and scratchy because of the lower humidity levels.

And yeah, while it’s true that you can fix this problem by applying lots of lotion or creams every day, there are other ways that are more natural and that aren’t as suspect as lotions or creams.

The first and best thing you can do for your skin is drink lots of water. Medical science has bent over backwards trying to show people how important water is for good healthy skin. And the sad fact is, a lot of people just don’t drink enough water. Unless you are the kind of person that carries around a mug of coffee or tea, or is addicted to a carbonated beverage; chances are, you’re not getting as much fluid in you as your body needs. And this doesn’t mean drinking more water when the weather is cold outside, it means making it a part of your every day routine all throughout the year; because you can’t turn health benefits on and off all the time and expect to get a lot of benefit from them.

Something else you can do to help your skin out is exercise. This helps in two ways. The first is that exercise makes you an overall healthier person, which shows in your skin health. The second is that working out causes you to sweat, which is a skin process; and not just under your arms. If you work out regularly; enough so that you sweat all over, you help your skin by dousing it with regular doses of human body oil, which is far healthier and good for you than the stuff you buy in the store.

And speaking of body oil, another good way to make your skin happy is to cool it with the showers; literally. Human beings were never meant to shower every day; doing so washes away all the good body oil that your skin produces leaving it dry and scratchy, particularly in the winter when the air is typically drier. Though clearly you can’t avoid personal hygiene, you can avoid taking so many showers. You might instead shower only every other day, or even every three or four days if you can get away with it. In between you can wash just your face and under your arms. Doing so will help make your hair healthier. Also, when you do take a shower, you might turn down the heat; the hotter the water, the more oils it removes from your skin which means more drying out.