How to take Care of your Skin as you get Older

Anti-ageing, the two words that strike horror into most women’s lives. Ultimately media focus on image perfection does not help with body image at any age. Sometimes leading to obsession with self-image and can develop into a body/image dysmorphia ( a dislike or hatred of body/self appearance ) if we do not attain to the level of perfection required. This can be emotionally destroying , and there are ways to care for the signs of ageing either naturally or holistically or combining the two, without too much expense and will naturally encourage the ‘feel good factor’, which is good for boosting confidence in our appearance.

The easiest and most recommended in any skin care articles is to drink plenty of fluids to re-hydrate the skin, it does have the most marvelous effect of naturally plumping out skin and reducing lines and wrinkles, plus making skin look glowing and fresh. It cannot be advised enough also to keep your skin cleansed regularly, unfortunately we tend to live and work in dirty, humid, unhealthy environments which affect skin making it appear dull and weary.

Skin care moisturising need not be expensive, it is very easy to add extra anti-ageing properties to an inexpensive, good quality moisturising cream,body lotion and even bath time indulgence. The secret ingredient for anti-ageing additions to skin creams – Aromatherapy oils – do a little bit of reading and research before you try to use them effectively, as they are potent and have to be used with respect. As unqualified users of Aromatherapy it is safest to only use the oils recommended as gentle or mild.

Good ones to use are:

Lavender – a wonderful, safe, versatile oil, with many curative properties, a natural healer and skin repairer.

Neroli – A good oil for skin care, and cell regeneration. A stronger more potent and expensive form of the oil is an ingredient in some of the more expensive moisturising creams, as is Frankincense.

A beginner’s guide to Aromatherapy will be adequate for experimenting with the safer oils. I cannot stress enough that Aromatherapy oils are potent and need to be used correctly.

Add a few drops of either Lavender or Neroli oil to your own brand of moisturising cream blend together, to start with mix together, cream and oil, in your hands until fully blended, you will feel the difference in the moisturising cream, as you rub your hands together to blend the cream and oil, it will feel silky and gloriously smooth. Apply moisturiser to your clean, slightly damp skin, skin absorbs moisturiser better when damp, apply in a gentle massaging motion, starting from below your neck, sometimes called the decollete, always include this part of your face and neck when applying facial moisturiser.

If after a few days you do not notice any reaction to the inclusion of the oils, you can either add oils to your moisturiser jar and mix together, or if you prefer fresh applications then just continue mixing three drops of each oil separately, or one to two drops of combined oils in each moisturising application.

Continuation of Aromatherapy oil remedies can be extended to body massage, having a secondary holistic effect of whole body and aesthetic healing and regenerative experience. Include oils in your bath, again following the three/three drops combined or six drops singly.

Aromatherapy alternatives to anti-ageing, remedial skin care can be beneficial, rewarding and will make you feel more relaxed, they smell wonderful, and will make your skin look more youthful in a beautiful natural way.