How to Treat Discolored Nails Treatment for Discolored Nails

The purpose of our nails is not only to be made pretty with decorative nail polish, ands be an asset to beautiful hands. Our nails are a real indication of the state of our health. Poor health as well as a number of day-to-today activities has adverse effects on both our hands and our fingernails.

Many people find themselves from time to time suffering with either thin weak nails, brittle nails, splitting nails or discolored nails Each of these conditions indicate that something is not right. Discolored nails can be rather scary .Normally, our nails, when they are healthy, are strong smooth and a translucent pink in color. However there is a variety of physical conditions which occasionally undermine nail health.

Severe illness is one other prime cause of discolored nails. Some of these illnesses are heart and lung disease, diabetes, and ailments caused by nutritional deficiencies. Some are caused by fungal infections, prescription medications and chemical toxins, and even stress. There are however simple home remedies and nutrients which can treat ailing nails and make them healthier.

Nails can show their ill health by a variety of different colors. They can have black streaks or patches, white spots, yellow lines, brown ridges, blue tinges and even green. In addition to the discoloration, the nails thicken. Black patches are among the most serious forms; if not caused form inbreeding under the nail due to injury of the nail, it could be a sign of melanoma which is a form of skin cancer. Many people try to hide the ugliness of discoloration by disguising it with nail polish. This tends to make the condition worse. Keep in and that if the condition becomes severe, it becomes painful and would need medical attention.

Some home treatments are as follows:

Wash hands carefully with soap and water. Use a nailbrush to clean nails, and then make a paste of about 3 tablespoons of baking soda added to one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. .Paste this on your sick nails, and washes the paste off after about ten minutes. Dry them carefully and apply some moisturizer. Lemon juice is another good treatment. Add on tablespoon of lemon juice to a tablespoon of baking powder. Apply this mixture to your nails. Polish the nails with a nail buffer wash the nails and apply moisturizer. You can either add a tablespoon of lemon juice to water and soak your fingernails in it, or apply slices of lemon directly to the discolored nail or nails. You can also purchase an anti-fungal solution at your local pharmacy or health store. One that doctors recommend is called Zeta Clear Antifungal solution.

Nutrition also plays a big part in nail health. Ensure that your body is no deficient in calcium. Calcium is great for your bones as well as your nails. Also try to avoid a deficiency in iron. Be sure to have an adequate supply of zinc sand identical fatty acids in your diet.

One final word of advice: Wear rubber gloves when doing, dishes, housework or gardening. If you wear nail polish, give your nails, (both finger and toenails) a rest at least one day a week; by leaving off the nail polish, so that the nails can breathe.