Hyperextended Knee Exercises

If you’re flexible so that you can easily “lock out” your elbow and knee joints, you are at more risk for weakening the ligaments and tendons surrounding these joints. Over time, this can result in injury. If you have hyperextended knees, you can stand and lock out your knees so that your calves are stacked behind your ankles, rather than directly above them. Do a few basic exercises to prevent muscle imbalance and injury.

Work Quads and Hamstrings

Lie on your back and set both feet flat, knees bent. Lift the right leg and bend it, placing both hands behind the right thigh. Flex the heel and imagine you have a book sitting on the right sole of the foot and lift the book up toward the ceiling by extending your right leg to straight. Notice if you lock out the knee by jamming it straight. lnstead, work slowly and articulate the front and back of the thigh–quadriceps in the front and hamstrings at the back. Do twice more and repeat to the left side. This stabilizes the knee joints and reduces knee hyperextension.

Leg Extensions

Classic knee extensions can be done at home sitting in a sturdy, straight-backed chair, with or without a resistance band. Sit in the chair with your feet flat on the floor. Bring your right foot off the floor and extend your right leg to nearly straight with the knee slightly bent. Pause and straighten the leg using the same action you did lying flat by contracting the quads and hamstrings. Imagine you are pushing a light door with the sole of your foot. Bend and lower the leg and repeat on the left side. Do 20 reps slowly. When that is easy, use a resistance band hooked over the sole of the foot and do the same exercise. It will be harder with the resistance of the band.

Standing to Prevent Hyperextension

Complete your workout by standing on your feet so that they are hip-width apart and your arms are down by your sides. Lift all 10 toes off the floor and imagine a “suction cup” under each foot–your archbed or plantar fascia muscle. Keeping that suction cup action in the soles, lower the toes. Bend both knees slightly and extend the legs to straight by firming the front and back of the thigh muscles. Now imagine you’ve got a book on top of your head and you are lifting your book up to the ceiling. Combining all of these actions will use the muscles of the body to lift up out of the joints that hyperextend. Repeat four more times, slowly.

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