Intellegent Versus Beautiful

My woman is as smart as they come. She could beat Albert Einstein at Jeopardy, but her beauty is more important to me. People can say what they want, but most people are initially attracted to others for their appearance. Finding their inner beauty and knowledge, results from spending time with that special someone. I know that looks are not everything when finding a partner, but you have to meet someone first. Then you will know if they are intelligent or not.


Finding a woman that is intelligent is a bonus. Within the first five minutes of a mutual conversation with a person, you can tell if their brain sounds like a baby rattle. If you meet someone, who you are attracted to, and they turn out to be a genius, you made a good find. There is also levels of intelligence that are annoying to the average Joe. If you are not a genius, and your girlfriend always talks about the Periodic Table of Elements, you need to return to the dating scene. I like women that are aware of current events and politics. This is not a must, but it is appealing to me. A woman does not need a college degree to be intelligent. If a woman is knowledgeable about her profession and the ways of the world, she is a keeper. I don’t think that women who are less intelligent should be cast aside either. Discriminating against a good looking girl, because she is not intelligent is wrong. I would teach a woman how to read if she couldn’t.


Men love beautiful women. Is that wrong? I don’t think it is. Compare the dating scene to nature. Pollen attracts bees to flowers. Carbon dioxide draws mosquitoes to humans. Beautiful women attract men. I am not saying that I solely look for beautiful women. It is natural for men to look for women they are attracted to.

The Truth

I found my girlfriend by accident. When i first saw her, I knew I had to have her. She turned out to be intelligent, but God, is she beautiful. Her beautiful face and amazing body lured me in. Her smile, her laugh, and her freckles; all attracted me to her. I gained more than a beautiful woman; she turned out to be the love of my life. I don’t care how smart she is, I love her for being her. She is smart, sexy, bold, loud, and sometimes fragile. Would I trade her in for a more intelligent woman? I wouldn’t trade her for the world.