Is Avon Nail Varnish any Good

I don’t tend to wear nail varnish on my hands except for special occasions as I always find it chips and I hate having tatty nails.  However I cannot bear having naked toe nails so I always like to have a selection of polishes for my feet.  I tend to choose darker shades and I am really not very brand loyal.

 When an AVON brochure found its way to me I was more than happy to give their nail varnishes a go.  The product has been recently repackaged and the bottle is now a square shape.  The price was £6 for a 12ml bottle and there were 19 shades to choose from.  The product is described as containing diamond dust and acrylic to give a long lasting shine and nail protection. 

 I eventually settled on a shade called “decadence” which looked purple in the brochure.  When it arrived the bottle was packed in a cardboard outer, this looked nice and probably protected the product but I thought it was probably unnecessary packaging.  The bottle is a flat square shape and looks lovely, it feels quite solid and the varnish colour can be seen clearly.

 I gave the bottle a good shake and noticed how I could hear the ball bearing rattling around really quickly.  This struck me as being a bit odd as normally you cannot hear this clearly when shaking the bottle. The brush is a little uncomfortable to hold due to the square lid but at least it was a good size.  When I opened the bottle I thought the colour was gorgeous, it is a pearlised dark purple.  However I was shocked at how runny it was, the consistency was so thin it almost came off the brush onto the floor whilst I was using it.  It seemed to go on my nails ok but was a little stripy due to the thinness of the colour.  Even though the product was thin it seemed to take ages for the varnish to dry. It would certainly not be suitable for just a one-coat application but I don’t think many varnishes are so I always use two coats. I have been using some quick drying polishes at the moment so I may have just forgotten how long things normally take to dry.  I suppose it was a good 5-10 minutes before I could put a second coat on.  After the second coat the coverage was lovely and I was very pleased with the colour.

 I tend to find that my toenails do not chip very much and I tend to change the polish because I fancy a change.  This was the same but I do not know how well it would stand up to being used on the hands.   

Overall this is an alright product.  The colour is brilliant and the bottle looks nice.  I did not like the thin consistency and think I would have struggled using it on my hands and would have probably got in a real mess!