Is Paintball Safe?

Paintball is an exciting game to play with a group of friends or competitors. While shooting a gun at your buddies sounds dangerous on the surface, paintball is quite safe so long as you follow a few precautions. Studies have actually shown that paintball results in less injuries than common sports like football, basketball and even golf. Observing safety guidelines is the most effective way to ensure your safety while enjoying paintball.


The most important safety consideration is to wear eye protection. Paintballs fly at a high velocity and while they won’t injure your body, they could cause significant damage to your sensitive eyes. Always wear goggles or a mask when on the field of play. Men may also consider wearing a cup.


Paintball guns present a danger when being transported or carried to and from the play or shooting area. Always engage the safety and insert a barrel plug when not in use. Carry the gun pointing down at the ground to avoid accidentally shooting someone. Also disconnect the carbon dioxide tank when the gun is being stored or transported.


Always maintain your equipment. Ensure that your gun is cleaned and functions properly before playing. Also check that your goggles, mask and other safety equipment is in good repair. Ensure that the velocity of your gun remains below 300 feet per second.


Avoid close range shootings and do not aim at sensitive parts of the body such as the groin or head. Don’t shoot anyone who isn’t playing.


Play on your property or designated paintball fields only. Do not play on anyone else’s property or in wooded areas where you could injure other users. Stay well away from potential foot traffic. Playing in non-designated areas could result in arrest and legal complications as well as injury to others.


Always have a professional fill your air tank. Pressurized air tanks are dangerous and should only be filled or adjusted by a trained professional. Take your tank to a paintball store or sports shop for filling.