Is there such a Thing as the Perfect Body

There is no such thing as the perfect body size, but this won’t stop ordinary men and women believing there to be. People come in all different shapes and sizes, but because the media controls what images people are exposed to they can have a significant influence over people’s perceptions. Consequently, women are left thinking that they need to be skinny with a sizable bust to be attractive, whilst men think they need to be tall and muscular to comply with the image of the ‘perfect’ male body.

Women generally are more negative about their bodies than men, and weight is something they often focus their attention on because it is in their power to change it. They may be unhappy with other aspects of their body, such as the size of their nose or breasts, but unless they are prepared to undergo surgery they are can’t exactly do anything to change these features. They can, however, lose weight so that they can be as skinny as the models pictured in magazines or as slender as the stars on television.

It is therefore not surprising that the majority of women spend so much of their time on a diet, always hoping to be able to lose a few extra pounds to improve their appearance. They end up constantly trying to change their appearance through weight loss, and many get caught in a cycle whereby they lose a substantial amount of weight only to gain all of it back, before once again deciding to lose it. This can’t be good for their health, and yet many women are so preoccupied with their size that they forget what is really important.

Although body image may not be as dominant an issue for men as it is for women, there are men who can still find themselves plagued by body insecurities. They might feel that they are too fat or too thin and not muscular enough. Whilst women generally want to be as skinny as it is possible to be, men usually want to possess a more muscular physique, due to a notion that this somehow makes them more masculine. They, too, can become preoccupied with trying to reach the ideal body size, which in reality varies from person to person.

Some people are naturally tall and slim; others are short and dumpy, but either way few individuals are completely happy with their appearance, which certainly isn’t helped by the ever-present images of the ‘beautiful’ people presented as though they are somehow perfect. People end up convinced that there is a perfect body size which they should be able to achieve if they put enough effort in, rather than accepting that not everybody is built the same way.