Is Tramadol a Narcotic?

Does Tramadol have codeine or opiates?

Tramadol is considered as a semi-synthetic opioid. It is also a type of strong opioid.

Being addicted to Tramadol isn’t impossible. It is addicting if you make a habit of taking too much at a time and if you’re taking it to get high. And if properly taken the side effects will be minimal.

Like most medicines withdrawal, the body will feel an ill effect but will not create a major impact.

Cutting something off immediately will cause the body to struggle a little bit, simply because your body is used to taking pain relievers.

It is easier to stop in taking Tramadol compare to other medicine such as Percocet because it is not narcotic. Percocet is one example of a narcotic medicine and the withdrawal of Percocet is described to as “unbearable”.

This medicine is not codeine. It is not even advice to intake Tramadol with sleeping pills or other medicine that with counter act because it is highly dangerous and can even be fatal.

And so to simplify the question Tramadol is not codeine rather it is opiates.

Is tramadol an opiate or narcotic?

It is often asked if Tramadol is narcotic or non-narcotic.

Tramadol is not a narcotic medicine but unfortunately due to its effectivity it is habit forming and many people have been dependent to the medicine and say that it is considered as narcotic due to similar effects to other medicines that are positively narcotic. After in taking the medicine a person may experience dizziness, nausea, fatigue and experiencing euphoric or feeling intense excitement and happiness. And because of that even though it is non-narcotic, some defined Tramadol as “addictive” because it has similar effect like medicines that are narcotic such as morphine, hydrocodone, and oxycodone. But is more harmless compare to other medicines. And so far Tramadol is not considered to be narcotic. And it has higher approval rates rather than negative reviews. So more people are experiencing satisfaction from Tramadol than other pain relieving medicines.

Effects of Tramadol

  • Now there are different brands and different doses of Tramadol in which cases some may feel immediate relief, but some takes more time before feeling results slowly.
  • The process of Tramadol’s effect is to focus on the nervous system and brain to relieve the pain. Therefor it is possible that you will feel dizziness or the feeling of being high. There are low possibilities of being addicted to Tramadol, or use Tramadol as an alternative drug because this particular medicine is mild compare to other types of pain killers.
  • Tramadol is used to relieve light to severe pain and it is most commonly used to relieve spinal pain. Those in particular are people with scoliosis, office workers or just people with a bad sitting habit. Doctors also prescribe Tramadol to people with osteoarthritis, gout and people that had just undergone surgery and stomach ache.
  • Studies have shown that other than physical pain Tramadol can also be used to relieve pain other than what is commonly treated. Such as anxiety caused by pressure from school, work family, puberty, high expectations from other people, the list goes on.
  • And because Tramadol’s main focus is the brain it also relieves migraines. Migraine can be triggered by even the smallest things such as unfamiliar perfume scents, flash photography or direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Like other medicines we cannot remove the fact that there will be side effects in using this type of medicine. Even though Tramadol is proven safe and effective, there are medicines that are suited for you and your body and there are some that doesn’t so it is very much advised to always consult your doctor first before trying any type of medicine, oral or external use. It will also be helpful to ensure your safety if you advice your doctor if you have any liver or kidney problems, mental illness, drug addiction, alcohol abuse and problems regarding your metabolism.
  • The side effects consist of fertility problems or skipping menstrual periods (for women), loss of sexual drive, desire or being unsatisfied or losing interest during and after sex, breathing problems like the feeling of catching your breath especially for people who smoke cigarettes, dry mouth, constipation, nausea and fatigue.
  • But there are also some cases where a person does not feel any side effects after taking this medicine. So it does depend on the person itself on how he or she will handle the medicine.
  • Consulting the doctor is highly necessary if you feel any symptoms after orally taking Tramadol.
  • It is also highly dangerous (may cause death) if you are about to take Tramadol but also taking medicines such as sleeping pills, Ibuprofen + Paracetamol or other muscle relaxing pills, Multivitamin with Iron (MUL tee VYE ta mins with EYE ron) or other stress relieving medicines, Mefenamic Acid, Aspirin, Vitamin D3.