Its okay to be Short

Is being short a disability? On the surface it appears this way. Reaching high shelves requires a stool, pants need hemming, and driving requires sitting on a cushion to see over the steering wheel.

Growth hormones are an answer. Multiple injections over time, and one can transform from 5′ to 6′ 2″, eliminating any disabilities resulting from being “too short”.

Being short is far more of a disability for men, then for women. A 5′ 2″ inch female can date a short man, or a tall one. Somebody wrote a rule that said that a man 5’2″, cannot date a women 6’2″.

Rules like this are more disabling for short men, then for tall men, and far more enabling for short women over tall women. Being short is not a disability if the person is female.”Good things come in small packages”. And, a diamond ring is a girls best friend!

Is being short a disability in the workplace?

When was the last time a President of the United States was elected, and was under 6′ tall? Was it Richard Nixon? He was the president, that was forced to resign?

How tall was the flight attendant?

She was at least 5’2″, and any shorter and she would be out of a job. Just wouldn’t be able to lift that luggage over the head, and placed safely in the overhead compartments.

Being short isn’t a disability if you need to squeeze through a crowded room. Short people can move in between large groups of people. They can’t see “above” the crowd to know where they are going, but they can get from one end of the room, quicker than a tall person can.

As a child, the short child can pass for under 12 far longer than the tall person, providing accessibility to discounts for a longer period of time.

Short people get more clothing for less money. The pants are too long, the shirt sleeves are as well, and the short person gets all of this extra material at no extra charge. That certainly communicates that being short is not a disability!

Being short is quite advantageous, and hardly a disability. It is far more comfortable to sit on a cushion, and drive, then to not. You get extra material for free when hemming clothes, and using a stool to reach high shelves, gives the benefit of exercising through climbing steps regularly.