Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts

By S. Faloon

It’s Valentine’s Day and you realize that you are in trouble. You have been busy on the job or simply did not have the funds to buy an impressive gift. The panic is setting in. Calm down. Think about the Valentine with whom you want to spend your evening. Take a few moments to reflect on your relationship and how much this person means to you.


Hundreds of years ago in some countries young men would give a young woman a gift of clothing for Valentine’s Day. If she accepted and kept the garment it meant she was agreeing to marry him. Wooden spoons with carvings of hearts, keys and keyholes were popular gifts of the day in Wales. The gift meant that the giver was telling you that “you unlock my heart.” Over time it became the proper thing to give small nosegays of flowers called Tussie Mussies, poems and cards for the day of hearts. Valentine’s cards became a commercial production in the United States during the 1800s. Young men began giving floral bouquets, stuffed animals and jewelry to women as the years moved forward. Does your loved one appreciate history or the idea of old fashioned romance? Why not find something on your way home in the clothing section or the kitchen supplies area of a store. Write out a card to explain that through all time your Valentine is your special one.


The thought and time you appear to put into a gift will mean that much more to the recipient. The gift given to a loved one can be something that you make. Homemade gifts can be created from supplies you have on hand or that you purchase on that quick trip home after work. The importance of a Valentine’s gift is to show that you love this significant other, spouse, parent or child. It should reflect your heartfelt feelings. Do something that shows you truly know this person. What is the person’s favorite treat, color, movie or music? Would he or she love to go on a sleigh ride or moonlight cross country ski trek? Call and book the event for the next weekend possible and type up a note telling the love of your life that your Valentine’s Day is to stretch out over time.


You can do a quick shopping trip for last minute gifts other than the traditional chocolates and flowers. Think of the things she has mentioned over the years that she had wanted or needed. Surprise her with a painting course at the local craft store or high school. Announce it to her with a basket of supplies. Zip over to the local sports store and get supplies for a fly tying class for your avid fisherman. If your loved one is a gardener, go online and order a composting bin or print off a gift certificate for a popular seed catalog. No budget for a gift? It does not matter. Bake a favorite dessert to go along with a homemade meal that your spouse rarely gets to have alone with you. Put the little ones to bed early or see if Grandma wants an overnight visit with the grandkids. Make a batch of his mom’s cookies that is his very favorite. You can get out the drill and put up the shelves you’ve promised to put in the craft nook for months. Pop a DVD of the first date movie you ever went to and spend your evening together dipping into a bowl of popcorn. Let the answering machine take messages. Spend Valentine’s Day with your loved one.


Start a tradition. What would be meaningful for the two of you or your family? Is there a container that your wife has saved from your dating days that you can fill with something she loves each February 14th? Why not serve breakfast in bed for your loved one–for dinner. It’s an easy meal to make and the two of you can start the evening nestled in your private and comfortable room. Prepare a foot soak or massage for pampering and relaxation. Find things that you both can do for one another to make Valentine’s Day special with no monetary cost at all.


You do not have to buy a dozen roses from a florist or the largest heart shaped box of chocolates in the candy store. Your loved one wants your undivided attention. Show this precious person that your loved one means the most to you of anyone in the world. Not everyone wants the same thing thousands of others are receiving. You know your loved one and can find the gift that will mean the most, even at the last minute.