Link between Drinking Water and Clear Skin

Water is a huge part of our bodies, with women topping out at about 70% water and men 60%  not even adding in your blood supply. Water is the elixir of life. Look around you and you will notice that the earth is 94% water and another 2.4% in the polar ice caps. So little is more important to your entire good health than water. It replenishes your blood, purifies your liver and kidneys as well as lubricating and cleansing all your other internal organs making them work more efficiently and healthily.

This amazing liquid also cleanses and enhances the largest organ of your body!  I am of course talking about your skin. Water is vital for your skin for many reasons, it not only flushes out toxins and impurities from the entire body it at the same time gives your skin an enhanced glow. Try drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water daily for one week and see your skin respond looking healthy, clearer and smoother. Water will also keep your skin hydrated which gives you a plump rounded youthful appearance increasing your skins’ delicacy.Water is the single most important entity for all your body cells continued balance and well-being.

If plenty of water is not introduced to the human body it will dehydrate. Dehydration affects the brain that may lead to issues with Alzheimer’s’ disease, and  Parkinson’s Disease. It will also prevent depression, sleep disorders and a lack of energy. The dehydration of the skin will cause it to become prune like and looking like a raisin is not what we all aspire to achieve.

The larger problem with drinking enough water daily is to be aware of how much you want to intake and how much of your goal you already have. You know what they say about good intentions? This then has to be something you keep track of until drinking water becomes one of your best habits. Also supplementing with water based drinks such as coffee, (which dehydrates), tea, and especially soda (even the diet variety is not good for you) will not suffice. 

The knack is to decide what you are in the mood for, what will entice you to drink your daily limit. Flavored with fresh lemon or lime perhaps? Even the concentrated lemon flavoring so easily accessible in the fresh produce section will add flavor, just be careful at it is fairly strong, taste as you go. Maybe ice cold with or without cubes. Also, warm water, without tea or any other flavoring, this feels great on the throat and can be quite soothing.

Now this does not mean that you cannot have your coffee and teas and some teas are quite good for you as well, just get them in moderation with a healthy amount of water in between.

You have no doubt noticed people with giant cups walking around or water bottles. This is a great idea for you to use making sure you are getting your daily consumption. Two 16 ounce refillable bottles is the equivalent of 4 glasses of water. Think about it – keep some on your desk all day long and sip as you go. If you have to make yourself sip every 15 minutes to get used to the habit then do so. Once you acquire the water habit you will be amazed at how great you feel as well as look. Start today your skin will thank you.