List of Foods With No Calories

Does coffee have any calories? Can diet pop help me lose weight? Myths surround the list of low-calorie foods, with many items making false zero-calorie claims. Athletes and those who watch their weight can benefit by a specific list of foods with no calories. Regular dieters may find that some food items they worried about eating or not eating make no difference in their calorie counts. Values are listed by serving size; if you eat more of something, the calorie fractions may add up to 1 or more.


All herbs are not alike, and only one makes the No Calories list. Fresh dill (five sprigs) does not increase calorie count. This herb is very pungent and flavorful, and is excellent in dips or as a seasoning for fish. Although dill makes the list, other herbs, flavorings and spices do not. That’s why the herbal teas that are popular with many who lose weight are not listed here.

Contrary to some diet lore, parsley (10 sprigs, 4 calories), garlic (1 clove, 4 calories) and ground cinnamon (1 tsp., 6 calories) do have minimal calories, but not zero. Similar amounts of paprika, curry powder and shallots have slightly more caloric energy (6 to 7 calories).


If you’re looking for beverages with no calories, don’t include coffee or tea on your shopping list. The original and still the champion of low-calorie counts is water (8 oz., 0 calories). As a healthy food, it beats the other zero-calorie beverages, club soda and diet soda (both 12 oz., 0 calories), whose phosphoric acid and artificial sweeteners can be harmful in excess.

To lose weight, drinking only plain tap water (or zero-calorie bottled water) is an excellent way to decrease your calorie count. A regular carbonated cola (12 oz.) has 137 calories, most of them from sugar.

Baking Agents

Certain edible minerals have no calories. These are baking soda and salt (1 tsp., 0 calories). Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, is a mineral used as a leavening agent, which makes dough or batter rise. Salt, while often used as a flavoring, also restrains leavening action, so your baked goods don’t go through the roof. This convenient pairing of zero-calorie minerals probably won’t help you lose weight but will allow you to bake with fewer calories.

By comparison, baking powder (1 tsp., 2 calories) cream of tartar (1 tsp., 8 calories) and yeast (1 tsp., 3 calories) add up to more.

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