List of Weight Watchers Food Points

Weight Watchers is a diet plan that focuses on a points system. The diet plan allows dieters to eat any types of food, even the foods normally disallowed by most programs. However, the dieter is only allowed a certain amount of points each day. The points add up to a number of calories for the dieter’s plan, which is based on the age, gender and weight of the individual.


Dairy products are allowed with the Weight Watchers plan, but most products have a high point value. Dairy provides fats, proteins and vitamins like D and A. Whole milk has one of the highest point values with 8 points per pint. Two tablespoons of cream in coffee or tea costs the dieter points. Added ingredients in food recipe should be monitored, because many dieters forget the extras like cream in the coffee. An egg costs the dieter 1.5 points. Cheddar cheese is worth 1 point, but low-fat cheddar is only .5 points. Finally, a tablespoon of sour cream costs 2 points.

Meat and Fish

Meat and fish provide protein and fats for body energy. Lean proteins and fats are usually preferred, but Weight Watchers allow dieters to eat sinful food like hamburgers and pork, but these foods have high points. A beef burger has 6 points, and the bun used with the burger is 2 points. A thin slice of plain ham is worth a half of a point. Skinless chicken is worth 2.5 points. Fish costs less points than beef or poultry. A serving of cod costs 1 point. Salmon is a fatty fish that provides omega-3 fatty acids, so it lowers cholesterol levels. Salmon costs 3 points.

Nuts and Grains

Nuts and grains provide healthy, unsaturated fats and good carbohydrates. Grains and nuts also provide fiber, which is good for the gastrointestinal tract. Bread points are determined by the thickness of the slice. Slim slices are 1 point and a thick slice is 1.5 points. A 25 gram portion of cashew nuts cost the dieter 3 points. Ten hazelnuts only cost 1 point. Pasta is usually avoided in most diets, but Weight Watchers allows it. Whole grain pasta is the healthiest and 75 grams is 1 point. A thin, regular size bagel costs 3 points.

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