Looking as Nature Intended

There may be wisdom in decisions we make with regards to our appearance, or there may be foolishness. Which applies to you personally will depend on a variety of factors that no-one else can fully contemplate as they are not you. It is true that as we age our bodies and faces begin to reveal a little of our history. Fine lines at the corners of the eye may show that we are prone to laughter. Deep set lines down the middle of the forehead may tell others that we tend to frown allot, and stretch marks along the stomach can be an indication of having given birth to new life.

You may look upon these signs of our history as being beautiful. To you they may be reminders of past joy, or tribulations which you have overcome and triumphed over. But there again, wrinkles, lines, scars and skin that sags may not feel like part of who you really are.

It could be that you see the signs of your past upon your body in a more practical, rather than spiritual manner. For you your body may just be a case for your inner being which is where its at. Therefore what you do to improve the appearance of your case doesn’t erase any important achievements from the past. It will not make you less wise to remove wrinkles or less of a mother to take care of dropping breasts. You wont be less of a man if you laser away your teenage tattoos now that you are sixty or the fun that you had building up a beer belly if you lose it now via exercise.

The one thing to be certain of though, if you are thinking of erasing the appearance of your life’s experiences from your body or face, is that you are doing so for your own, personal reasons, and not to please another or to conform with societies view of how you should be.

If you make your decision, if there is one to be made, about this subject then being sure that no outside influences are involved could leave you wondering why you ever contemplated the idea in the first place. When it comes down to the truth we need to recognise whether how we feel about our appearance is a reflection from within, or whether it is dependant on how others expect us to be.

Very often our emotions are tied in with our appearance. Not only do the physical expressions that we make become etched into our bodies but how we feel about ourselves can be held within the way we walk and the way we form mannerisms.

This link between the physical and emotional is sometimes what drives individuals to want to change whats on the outside. When whats on the inside doesn’t match how we feel then changing our appearance can seem like the right thing to do.

However, when what’s on the inside is troubling us we can’t change this with the scalpel or an abrasive measure to our skin. This is because the way that nature works to mould our appearance cannot be replicated and turned around. We cant force ourselves to feel better by altering our appearance. If we look hot then momentarily we may get a buzz, but it wont change any deep issues that we have.

When we begin to feel happy though, nature lifts our appearance and instantly improves our body image to match. As we become happy we smile and our eyes light up with a glint of joy. This cant be achieved by surgery, but it can be achieved from working on the inside out instead.