Looking for Body Shop Products

Rough dry skin on the feet, it is uncomfortable to say the very least and if it splits it can be very painful. Another thing that really annoys me is that every time I put a new pair of tights on the rough skin catches in the nylon tights and ladders them.
I am sure that many of us spend long periods stood on our feet, then we tend to forget to look after them. We apply cream to our hands because they are permanently on show and we forget all about our feet because they spend most of their life hidden away inside of our shoes.

We have a great Body Shop in the city and of course if we go shopping then I will call in and take a look around, I always like to see what the latest additions to their range are.

Lotions, potions and skin creams are most women’s idea of heaven and if we see a new pot on the shelf we just have to explore the contents.
Now the foot hemp doesn’t come in the most inspiring of pots, a plain black plastic tub with a silver coloured lid, nothing to write home about at all.
The 3.5 oz tub of hemp cream retails at $18, which I suppose all things being equal isn’t too bad.

The tub is filled with a white cream which has very little fragrance attached to it. Some of the key ingredients include, hemp seed oil, glycerine, lanolin, panthenol and beeswax, then the Body Shop have added thyme, sage, limonene, citronellol and geraniol which all help give the cream a light and simple fragrance.

The hemp seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids, these help to rejuvenate the skin’s moisture barrier which in turn will lead to your feet feeling more smooth and supple.
Lanolin is already so well known for being good for our skin, as we apply the lanolin the skin drinks it in and it starts to form a good protective barrier.
The organic beeswax helps the dry skin which forms on the hands and around our fingernails.
The panthenol is added to the cream to help strengthen our nails and to reduce the flaking.
The glycerine is yet another moisturiser which helps to further soften our skin.

Because the cream has no definite smell attached to it both men and women can enjoy the benefits.
The cream is so easy to apply, put a small blob onto the palm of your hand and then rub it all over your feet, making sure that you pay attention to all parts of the foot including around the toenails. A little cream goes a very long way and you will notice that your skin absorbs the cream quickly and easily.
If you feel that your feet need major help then you can use the cream last thing at night and then put a clean pair of socks on and allow the cream to work on through the night.

My feet have been dreadful in the past, I have had hard flaky cracked skin that has irritated me until I could have screamed. I won’t tell you that the hemp cream is an instant fix because that would be untrue but after a week or so you will definitely start to notice the difference and as time goes on the skin on my feet has become far softer and certainly far more comfortable.
Our feet work hard and they deserve to be well cared for.

A very useful addition to anyones skincare routine.