Looking for Eye Make up

It seems that all of the cosmetic companies are waging a war at the moment, no sooner do we see one company introduce a new and `different` mascara then others follow suit and jump on the bandwagon. I am like most females I love to try as many of the new offerings as I can possibly afford.
One of the latest that I have added to my collection is the new mascara from No 7, and it comes with a grand name too – No 7 Extravagant lashes.
The 12 ml tube of mascara retails at £11.50 and it comes in three shades, navy, brown black and brown. I have dark eyes that suit black mascara so that was my choice of shade.

Boots No 7 have given this product quite a `chunky` casing, when you have it in your hand it actually feels pretty bulky but the shiny black plastic casing looks elegant and professional.
The wand and brush appear to be really thick and almost clumsy and I wonder if No 7 are trying to psychologically seduce us into thinking that the mascara is as they describe `Extravagant`.
After studying the brush for a few seconds I am left thinking that the chunky brush looks too heavy and bulky to be able to catch those tiny under eye lashes. The squat barrel of the brush which initially looks crammed with rows of thick bristles in fact only has four separate rows which sit one at each corner of a squared off brush unit.

No 7 say that the Extravagant Lashes mascara will add masses of volume to your eyelashes and that volume will last for hours. If you use the brush correctly then you will get a root to tip cover for your lashes and that chunky brush will grasp your lashes and hold them while they are coated with mascara.
At the heart of the chunky brush there is a reservoir which is filled with the mascara which is released slowly as you start to apply it.
The mascara contains a polymer to help lift your eyelashes and once that polymer dries it then sets your lashes in the same direction as you have brushed them.
I usually stick my brush in and out of the mascara casing a few times in readiness to apply it but No 7 advise that you fill the brush by turning it around in the casing a couple of times.
When you pull the thick wand out one of the first things you notice is that there is a large thick creamy swirl of rich black mascara dripping off of the end of the brush. This needs to be cleared away before you can start to apply the first coat or you are going to end up with lots of unwanted clumps.
The squared off brush is there to help you get a grip of your lashes, it holds my top lashes reasonably well but as I suspected I have quite a job trying to coat my small lower lashes.
The chunky brush just keeps buffing against the skin underneath my eye and blacking it, as much as I turn the brush hoping to achieve a different outcome with a different tactic it still goes the same way.

One coat of No 7 Extravagant lashes mascara takes a couple of minutes to dry completely and then you can safely apply the second coat. I found that there was plenty of good semi-wet mascara that made a good job of coating and enhancing my top lashes. The mascara has some shine so it does add gloss as well as length to the lashes.
I would have to say that in my opinion the chunky square brush is too chunky for smaller bottom lashes and in order to coat them I had to resort to using one of my other brands of mascara that came with a smaller brush.
My eyes are sensitive and they weren’t affected in any way at all by the Extravagant lashes mascara.
The mascara is strong and it is made to stay put, when it comes to cleaning it off you may find that you need a good make up remover pad to do the job.
But after two good top coats there was no sign of a black shadow above my eye socket many hours later.
I think it would be very fair to say that the No 7 mascara does volumise and enhance your lashes, it also adds gloss which is another plus but that brush is too much for me. Maybe with practise I would eventually get the hang of using that chunky brush but I always try to take the easy way out.