Looking for Max Factor Cosmetics

Max Factor have taken the simplistic route with this pressed powder compact. I am not sure that this is one of those compacts that will be highly sought after in years to come by collectors of Vintage powder compacts.
Max Factor seemed to have aimed to keep costs low when they packaged the crème puff pressed powder but that is not to say that the product lacks lustre.

For around £4.80 you will get 21gms of pressed powder that is presented in a plain navy blue plastic case that bears the Max Factor logo. Inside of the light compact there is a light foam puff which can be used to apply the powder.

During the daytime I tend not to use face powder, I like to let my skin breathe and given that I am already wearing a layer of light foundation I prefer not to add another layer unless it is essential.
If we are going out for the evening then I do apply a layer of translucent powder, when you are in a hot crowded restaurant your face soon develops a healthy shine which can look very unappealing.

Max Factor decided not to put a mirror in their Creme Puff, This keeps costs down but it could put off some buyers who look for the ideal tool with which to check their make up.

The light coloured pressed powder has a sweet smell that I really like. Heavy face powders are a complete No no, they clog skin pores, they look artificial and more often than not you end up with tidemarks running along the hairline and underneath your chin where you have started and finished applying the powder.

Sorry Max Factor but your dear little foam powder puff goes into storage, I always use a large fluffy brush to apply it. Foam Puffs are fine when they are new but they soon become breeding grounds for any germs that come along and in two ticks they look a bit murky.

This Max Factor Creme Puff Translucent powder is exactly that, very translucent . As you rub your brush over the top of the pressed powder it is difficult to see if the brush is loaded. The powder is lighter than air which works in its favour, you know that you are not going to end up wearing a `mask`.

Once I have applied my make up and I am happy with the results I then finish off the look with a layer of Max Factor translucent powder. Once my brush is loaded then I just swiftly move it in a circular motion around my facial skin, making sure that I cover all areas but only very lightly.
The powder could not be easier to apply, from beginning to end the application takes around a minute.

You cannot feel the translucent powder sitting on your skin, it is forming a light cover over your foundation and helping to keep it fresh but you feel nothing.
The Max Factor powder does not crease or crack on your skin, it is far too light for that. I love the smell on my skin, it is very feminine.

For as long as the powder is on your face it will protect it from shine but although the powder is good it cannot work miracles and if you are faced with extreme heat then you will develop the inevitable shine. It is simple to brush away any unwanted shine though.

The Max Factor powder is as easily removed as it is applied, in fact it just washes off very easily. I usually wash my face twice to make sure that both powder and foundation cream have been thoroughly removed and then apply my normal night cream.

A no frills low priced powder compact that offers a good light finish. If Max factor decided to put a small mirror inside of the lid and charge a bit extra I would be thrilled.
But apart from that no worries at all, a quality cosmetic with a discounted price.