Loreal Cosmetics

L’Oreal have always maintained an excellent reputation within the cosmetics world, the company strive to offer their customers new and exciting cosmetics using the `in` colours of the season. I was pleased and impressed when I saw the L’Oreal Color Appeal Trio Pro eye shadow in the chemists. Eye shadow adds vibrance and colour to your skin and many of us feel naked without it.

L’Oreal have packed some of this range into trio palettes and they seem to work well. In each slim black case there are three separate eye shadows that all blend well with each other. The shiny black plastic eye shadow case is quite typical of L’Oreal, the small case is stylish and sleek with an air of elegance. L’Oreal have designed the case so that the three different coloured eye shadows can be clearly seen through the oval window at the front.

L’Oreal have offered a range of colours that should suit everyone, in total there are six different colour palettes to choose from and I plumped for the natural looking Beige Taupe. The L’Oreal eye shadow palette cost me just over £5 and for three different coloured shadows that come in a stylish case I really do’nt think that anyone can call that expensive.

When you open the sleek black palette for the first time you will find two small sponge applicators inside. The colour combination in the Beige Taupe trio is soft and dreamy. For the eyelid you have the darker brown that seems to be about the right shade, some browns can be too dark. Then the creamy colour goes into the eye socket and the lovely apricot/gold sits under the brow.

All three of the L’Oreal eye shadows are soft muted colours that look feminine and natural. L’Oreal suggest putting a smudgy line of the darker shadow under your eye but that trick does not work for me. The eye shadow is a soft powder that easily coats the sponge and slides onto the skin, the eye shadow does tend to crease a little after you have worn it for a few hours but there is little that you can do about that, body temperature fluctuates and many cosmetics often struggle when your skin gets too warm.

Obviously there is no set way in which L’oreal mean you to apply the eye shadow, you may well find other ways which meet your individual needs. There are four of the L’Oreal color trio pro eye shadow palettes that I personally would not buy but that is only because the colours are stronger and youthful. But all in all I feel that the L’oreal Color Appeal Trio Pro eye shadow palettes are top notch.