Love yourself

For women body image these days is the upmost important thing for you, as we think. Body image is how you see yourselves, how you feel about yourselves. If you look in the mirror everyday and say…”oh my god, look at me”! Then yes your gonna feel really bad about yourself, which then gives you no confidence and low self esteem. Am I right? Yes I am! Ladies you indulge yourselves in Cosmo, Glamour,..etc. Then you try and try to get just like that celebrity or model! For what? Why do you do this to yourselves. It’s all mind play games, you listen and take in all the gossip, all the garbage that people say. You are so paranoid that if someone looks at you the wrong way, we think it’s because were overweight, or not so attractive. We need to feel good about ourselves, it’s about what you think, not everyone else. I listen to people all the time talk about, I wish I could lose this weight, I wish my belly was flatter, I wish my breasts were bigger. Come on ladies you are all beautiful in your own way. Don’t let people make you feel bad about yourself. I don’t care if you were tipping the scales at 450 pounds, with your confidence and your high self esteem, nobody could touch you. Look at Roseanne…(just kidding). Don’t get me wrong, if you want to excercise and lose weight……fine that’s good and healthy. Do it for yourself, don’t do it because someone made a crack at you, do because you want to feel good. If you can’t love yourself for what god gave you, then you know what I hope your confidence is shot and you have low self esteem, because people like you don’t care about yourself. So why should you love anyone else, if you can’t even love yourself. I’ll tell you a story! A friend of mine all through high school, all through college, was the most gorgeous woman inside and out. After college we lost touch after a while. A few years ago, I was at the store and I ran into her. At first I didn’t recognize her it, she looked really sick. So we got together for dinner and we talked, so I asked what was going on in her life. She said that she started dating this guy, he was the nicest guy in the world at first, but after a few months he started making fun at my weight, just the way I looked in general. So I started making myself throw up, to get skinny, because he once said why can’t you look like a model. Now after hearing this I wanted to go find this guy. Just looking at her, my beautiful funny friend was gone. Now I told you that story for one simple reason. My friend all through school she was probably about 250 pounds, so yes she wasn’t skinny, but she made herself so attractive. Her confidence level and self esteem, were through the roof. Don’t let people make you feel the way they want you to be, be who you are and you will always excel in that category.