A manicure is simple to do and your fingernails will look great. The tools you will need are nail clippers, emery board, orangewood stick, cuticle cream, cuticle oil, cotton balls, fingernail brush, nail polish remover, manicure bowl and hand cream for the manicure. You will need a clear base coat , top basecoat and a colored nail polish to polish your fingernails. The reusable tools should be clean before you use them. Remove old nail polish from fingernails with nail polish remover. You should remove your jewelry before a manicure.

1. Soak your fingernails in warm soapy water in a manicure bowl to loosen the cuticles. Use a fingernail brush to wash the fingernails. Remove your nails from the manicure bowl and dry nails thoroughly.

2. Use a small piece of cottonball and wrap it around the orangewood stick to clean underneath the fingernails. Apply cuticle oil or cream to your cuticles with the flat end of the orangewood stick to remove and push back cuticles.

3. Trim your fingernails the same length with a fingernail clipper.To  file your nails you should start on one side of the nail and use short strokes in one direction and repeat on the other side of the nail.You should never cut your cuticles.

4. Shape your fingernails in a square, oval or round shape. You can shape your nails in the shape you prefer.

5. Buff your fingernails with a nail buffer to smooth the edges and ridges of the nails. Buffing the nails will make the nails shine.

6. Use a nail polish remover on a cotton ball to remove oils from the fingernails before applying a nail polish.

7. Apply a clear base coat to fill in the ridges and to make the nail polish last longer. Apply the base coat underneath the nails to keep the nail polish from chipping. Use a orangewood stick to correct the nail polish mistakes.

8. Apply a colored nail polish to the entire nail using three strokes. You can apply two coats of nail polish and make sure nails are dry.

9. Apply top base coat to your fingernails and let the nails dry. Use three strokes to polish your fingernail.

10. Apply a hand cream to moisturize your hands and fingernails.

A manicure will keep your hands and fingernails looking great. A manicure can be done at home or in a salon .