Massage Therapy Tools

Use massage therapy tools to enhance your client’s therapeutic experience or to perform self-massage. Massage therapy tools work best for trigger point therapy and to facilitate the dissolution of muscle knots. The different tools are designed to give you leverage and effortlessly apply deep or light pressure to the body.

Thera Cane

Employ a Thera Cane, created by a patient in chronic pain, to massage “the upper and lower back, the hips, and the legs,” as recommended by the Health Sciences program at Northwestern University. Made of hard plastic and shaped like a shepard’s hook with handles, it reaches every part of your body. The unique design gives the user leverage without exerting much effort. Each end features a hard plastic ball that deeply probes the muscle as you manually regulate the pressure of your choosing. This massage tool, approximately two feet long, enables trigger point therapy.

Use the tool to poke around the muscle of your choosing until you find a spot of discomfort. Apply gradually increasing pressure to the point for 30 seconds to a couple of minutes to get a “hurts so good feeling” as the muscle releases and the pain decreases. Then move onto another point.


Employ the Jacknobber for trigger point therapy and long strokes. A bit bigger than a large fist, this massage therapy tool fits in your purse or backpack. Two small “v” shapes are connected perpendicularly at their centers. Each of the four tips offer a different sized small ball at the end, so use the one that feels the best to you. Manually apply the pressure of your choice to your trigger points.

Long relaxing strokes soothe sore muscles too and increase circulation to the area. Place the Jackknobber with two balls touching your quadriceps on top of your clothing. Glide the massage tool slowly from your knee to your hip and back as desired. You can also self massage using a circular motion. Try this technique on your calves, arms and neck.

Ma Roller

The Ma Roller offers users a hands-free self-back-massage option. It is shaped like a small dumbbell, and made of wood or plastic. Lie on a carpeted surface and place this massage therapy tool under your body with the ends of the Ma Roller sandwiching your spine. Use your feet to push your body up and down to massage your back. Place the Ma Roller on the spine or wherever it feels good.