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Mature skin is significantly different from younger skin. One of its main characteristics is the decreased oil and sweat production. Ageing results both from regular body processes and external harmful influences.

All care for mature skin should take into consideration the decreased natural hydration. Further, cell regeneration slows down as age progresses. The production of collagen slows down, as well and skin becomes thinner. The first wrinkles appear.

Some of the main external factors that lead to skin ageing include UV light and the exposure to tobacco smoke.

Slowing down the ageing process is possible. Special cosmetic products have been designed for the needs of the mature skin.

Once per week wash your face and neck using soap. This is the mildest form of exfoliation that you can use.

Select a series of creams and lotions designed to hydrate skin, prevent the appearance of wrinkles and make skin livelier and firmer. Use different types of products until you discover the best cosmetics for the needs of your skin. Select creams having different active ingredients and use these alternatively.

Protect your skin from environmental influences like wind and cold. Apply some day-time cream before going out. The usage of sunscreen is another good idea that will provide skin with protection against the harmful influence of UV light.

Whenever the weather is sunny, wear sunglasses. These will both protect your eyes and help you stay in the intense light without making mimics and narrowing your eyes. The mimics you make to protect your eyes from sunlight can lead to the appearance of wrinkles.

Stay fit and practice. Exercise improves circulation and provides cells with the oxygen they need so bad. Exercise will help you skin stay healthy and young. Combine exercise with sauna treatment to free your skin from toxins.

Diet can either speed up or slow down the ageing process. The over-consumption of spicy, salty and oily foods will make skin ageing faster. Cigarette smoking has a similar effect. Foods rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals are important for skin health. Consume raw fruits and vegetables, fresh juices, dairy products and foods rich in fiber.

Vitamin A is essential for skin health. It stimulates the growth of young cells. Vitamin A is contained in liver, eggs, carrots and butter.

Beauty sleep is also important. Keep your bedroom well aired and have at least eight hours of sleep per night.

Avoid making unnecessary face mimics. This does not mean that you have to refrain from laughing and smiling. Laughter has proven to have positive health effects.

Various home-made masks can be used to nourish and clean mature skin. Chop finely the leaves of one lettuce. Mix these with several teaspoons of olive oil and lemon juice. Keep this mask on your face for 20 minutes and wipe out using a soft blanket. Wash using warm water first and cold water later.

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