Medicinal Uses of Blackberries

Blackberries are an abundant and widespread, vine-growing fruit in North America. Prized for the sweet and tart berries, blackberries also have properties that make them useful for medicinal purposes. Blackberries contain gallic acid and tannin in every part of the blackberry plant. discusses how Native American tribes often made use of the leaves, roots and stem of blackberry plants to treat diarrhea and eye infections. The blackberry fruit can also be used to aid in various other ailments.

Skin Conditions

Blackberries can be applied to the skin to treat boils and acne and also as a throat gargle. Blackberry leaves can be boiled, according to, and made into a poultice that can “be applied for skin conditions and burns.”


Both the blackberry fruit that has been dried and powdered, and a tea made from the blackberry leaves, steeped in water for five minutes, can be used as a remedy for diarrhea. Blackberry juice and tea made from blackberry leaves have been a traditional cure for an upset stomach.

Colds and the Flu

Lori Herron, R.N. writes on the Alternative Nature Online Herbal website that “cordials have been used in the past for those with colds and flu, along with vinegars.” A cordial is made by pressing out the juice,and adding nutmeg and cloves, and sugar or honey. The mixture is heated and simmered until it becomes a syrup. Also, blackberry vinegar is supposed to be helpful in lowering fevers and soothing sore throats.

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