Muffin Tops and Hipster Jeans just say no to Overflow

What is a muffin top? Originally, a muffin top was simply the uppermost domed portion of a baked muffin. Many muffin connoisseurs actually like the muffin top the best. In fact, cookware stores now sell muffin top baking pans, so that folks can whip up batches of muffin tops at home.

Muffin tops are truly delicious.

Do you remember the classic Seinfeld episode (#155 from 1997 called “The Muffin Tops? Elaine (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) comes up with this brainstorm to market muffin tops.

“It’s the best part,” Elaine said. “It’s crunchy. It’s explosive. It’s where the muffin breaks free of the pan and sort of does its own thing.”

Elaine was right, and not just about baked muffins.

When it comes to muffin tops, what’s good for the bakery may not be good for the backside.

Hazards of Hipsters

As waistlines of fashion jeans have crept southwards, a new form of muffin top has emerged. Very few folks can truly wear low-slung jeans without experiencing the dreaded midsection overflow, known as the muffin top.

Have you ever baked muffins at home? What happens when you try to pour too much mix into a muffin cup? When the batter bakes, it expands and overflows on the top of the muffin pan.

Unfortunately, the same thing happens when a person tries to pour too much body into a pair of hipster or low-slung pants. This spillage to the north has been called the muffin top. To make matters worse, fashion has called for midriff-baring tops to go with these low-slung hipster pants. All over town, muffin tops are on display.

Earlier generations called them love handles. Now they are muffin tops, primarily because tight-fitting hip-hugger pants are squeezing them upwards and outwards.

All but the most waif-like among us may suffer from the muffin top effect, so long as we try to wear low-slung pants or hipster jeans.

Making Muffin Tops Worse

What could be worse than a visible muffin top? Without painting a vivid mental picture, let’s just consider what happens with high-slung undergarments are paired with low-slung pants.

This fashion nightmare might be compared to the use of oversized, Texas-style jumbo muffin cups in mini-muffin pans for making regular, standard-sized muffins. Look out for spillage in every direction.

Perhaps fashion designers will one day resurrect trousers with traditional waistlines. Until that day, perhaps a sturdy belt is a good idea. At least, a sure cinch would be one way to get rid of the muffin top effect.