MySpace Quizzes

MySpace offers over 500 quizzes for its users to use for their own enjoyment and to share with their friends on the social network. Quizzes are free to sign up for and take, and they can be posted on the boards via a MySpace account.


  • MySpace quizzes are used mostly for fun, and to see perhaps what movie star you may match up with, your favorite movie or how you may react o a first date. These are great to spend some free time with your friends or to share on the bulletin board at MySpace.


  • There are over 500 kinds of quizzes at MySpace. For you and your partner, try the love and relationship quizzes. If you want to see how tight you are with your best friend, take a crack at the friendship quizzes. To get a farther look into the stars, start checking out the astrology section. There are also quizzes on money, movies, holidays, schools and colleges, health and fitness, games and more.


  • The benefits of MySpace quizzes allow you to learn more about yourself or your friends. They ca also give you more of an idea of where you stand with issues about health, money, school or even love.


  • Each quiz has a a varying amount of questions. Some are longer, while others are very short, with only 5 or 6 questions. Some require that you write out specific answers, and for some questions you can just click the answer. Many questions are really easy to answer, and many quizzes can be completed in about 5 minutes.


  • Be careful of how much time you spend at MySpace quizzes! They can be addicting if you have nothing else to do. Try only doing a couple of quizzes per day to post on your profile or on the bulletin boards. It is easy to keep on going through the list and answering many quizzes at once, so use your time wisely.