Nail Polish Trends

The fashion industry sets the standard for women’s fashion. Lately stars tend to choose a more subtle looks for their nails than their attire and accessories. This may be due to the fact that people are more interested in natural products and artificial nails involve contact with chemicals-which are not desirable.

Stars like Oprah choose a clean manicured look and do not opt for flashy nail polish or false nail tips. Since she looks so elegant in the absence of artificial nails, it inspires others to follow a simpler nail care regimen.

Most cover models on the front of fashion magazines do not have long artificial fingernails colored with nail polish either. The current trend seems to alternate between a few simple choices: short deep purple, red or brown nail polish, no nail color, or a French manicure-either using white tips or a fun nail color on the tip.

In regard to having a French manicure with a fun color on the tips, this look is shown in magazines and updates a classic look with a fresh new twist. People can enjoy having longer appearing nail even in the absence of nail length. Often times a short brightly colored nail looks out of place but just having the tip painted with color causes the nail to look longer.

It seems like most daytime soap stars I have noticed do not wear a lot of nail polish even in scenes where the hands are the main focus. Like a wedding day scene showing the hands, where the ring is placed on the finger. This is the focal point of the camera. I would expect to see a glossy fancy fingernail but the producers choose a clean simple nail polish-if any is used. I would guess that the nails are downplayed so they do not distract from the beauty of the ring.

When choosing a nail polish, use your own skin tone as a guide to which color to use. The stars have assistance with this choice. The professionals assess the tone of skin and choose color accordingly. A warmer skin tone should avoid red nail color with a blue undertone and opt for brownish reds. A cooler skin tone would benefit from cooler pinks and should avoid brownish pinks. Many cosmetic companies label their products cool or warm, look for those labels to make choices easier. People with warm skin tones look better in burnt orange, yellowish browns, and brownish purples. People with cooler skin tones would look better in bluish purple, bluish red and pink. Just hold different nail polish bottles near your hands and try to notice which colors look better. Trust your judgment.