Nail Varnish

When I was in Boots last time I treated myself with a Boots No7 Stay Perfect Nail Varnish along the foundation and an eye liner. They were all on offer so the nail varnish was the cheapest and it was for free.

Package, price

Boots made an elegant package for its Stay Perfect nail varnish. It comes in a 10 ml transparent bottle with as big cap as the bottle itself. There is a No7 logo on the cap. This nail varnish costs 6.25 pounds which is quite expensive I think. It is available in at least 10 colours (Spun Sugar, Damson Dream, Betty Blues, Vivid Violet, Pillar Box, Twinkle, French Pink, Totally Teal, Night Silver and Dreamy) in Boots shops and online at site. You can collect extra points on your loyalty card now for buying this product. It is often on offer so you can buy 3 products for the price of two.

Texture and application

I found this nail varnish a little bit thinner than other ones usually are. This meant that the first cover actually hardly covered anything. The second one was definitely better. I bought French Pink shade which is quite a neutral colour. I decided to buy this one because I used nail varnish long time ago and I wanted to practice again with a not so vibrant colour.

I think it has a very good brush that helps to apply it evenly. The colour of the varnish was very similar to the one you can see through the bottle and is very bright.

Durability and other experiences

I was really impressed by the long lasting colour. I thought it will last 2 maximum three days on my nails as I do housework all day and it lasted 5 days. It didn’t chip just the end of my nails got visible a little bit. Usually I can gain 2-3 days by applying a further cover on it but this time I had loads of free time as both my kids were sleeping already but I had to wait the tumble drier to finish so I cleaned and applied the varnish again. I had to apply it in 3 covers until I was really satisfied with it. It dries quite slowly. I think next time I will buy a red one from this range. I was satisfied with it.