Natural Breast Enhancement Herbs

Many cultures associate large breasts with femininity, fertility and sexual vitality. Because of this, many women turn to medicinal herbs as a natural, inexpensive alternative to cosmetic surgery. Mayo Clinic physician Sandhya Pruthi notes that no peer-reviewed studies have confirmed the efficacy of breast-enhancing herbs. In theory, they work by increasing levels of estrogen or prolactin, two hormones involved in lactation. Consult your health care provider before taking breast-enhancing herbs or any other supplement.


The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine notes that fenugreek is traditionally used to stimulate breast milk production in mothers. It may help to stimulate breast growth by increasing blood flow to breast tissue. Unlike many other breast-enhancing herbs, fenugreek does not contain estrogen-like compounds; it will not interact with birth control or increase the risk of hormone-related cancers.

Blessed Thistle

Like fenugreek, blessed thistle is traditionally used to increase the production of breast milk in lactating mothers. The National Institutes of Health note that blessed thistle is generally recognized as safe for short periods of time. Blessed thistle contains no estrogen or progesterone.


This aromatic plant is traditionally associated with increased breast growth and female sexual health. A study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology concluded that fennel contains phytoestrogens–plant-based compounds chemically similar to estrogen. Fennel appears to elevate estrogen levels within a woman’s body; this may increase the amount of fat deposited in breast tissue.

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